It’s funny to me that there’s so much more emphasis placed on the bride’s wedding dress and the color of her bridesmaids’ dresses when the groom is in just as many photos from the big day! I’ve known since long before we were engaged — probably ever since seeing my parents’ wedding photos as a little girl — exactly what I’d want my future husband to be wearing for our wedding. Admittedly we could recreate my parents’ exact wedding and I’d call it a major success — we’re getting married at the same church on Nantucket (the ‘Sconset Chapel) 31 years later (almost to the day) and their photos still feel totally timeless to me. My dad and his groomsmen all wore navy blazers and white linen pants and, while we’ll be skipping the white linen, I can’t imagine Will and his groomsmen wearing anything but a navy blazer when we say I do!

navy blazers for groomsmen

groomsmen in navy blazers

groom and wedding party in navy blazers

navy groomsmen suits

groomsmen in navy

*images one / two / three / four / five

Does anyone else agree that there’s nothing more handsome than a guy in a navy blazer? Do you (or did you) know exactly what you want your groom and his groomsmen to wear?

P.S. We recently got this navy blazer for Will and it is so beautiful in person. I also love the look of this!


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  1. I love the look of the navy blazer! I love the first picture where the groom is wearing different colored pants, because it makes them stand out. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  2. As someone in the Groom business, I couldn’t agree with this post more! That’s why we provide the opportunity for the Groom & groomsmen to build a customized look & customized tailoring at Tux rental pricing.

    Men deserve to look their best too!!

  3. Hi Mackenzie-

    I would love my fiance’s groomsmen to wear navy blazers and light pants for our wedding as well. I was wondering, how do you make sure all of the groomsmen match? Is it appropriate to ask them to buy matching blazers and pants or do you just have them wear navy blazers they own? I know this gets much more than asking them to rent a tux… We were thinking to gift them matching ties!

    How are you thinking to ask Will’s groomsmen to match? Will they buy matching outfits?


  4. Love this post! My fiance and I talked about groom/groomsmen attire for a long time and while we loved the timeless look of navy blazers and khaki pants, we wanted something just a tad bit dressier so they are going to wear navy blazers with gray pants and bowties while the bridesmaids are wearing long navy dresses. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  5. We used Combat Gent for all the suits for dads and groomsmen. They are great quality and a great deal! The pants come unhemmed, so you do need to take them to a tailor, but I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else!

  6. i’ve only seen a few of your parents’ wedding photos but i absolutely agree that their look is timeless! i am in agreement with you on navy blazers. i’m sure will looks fantastic in that polo number!

  7. I love the navy blazer look! I wanted to do the navy blazer with light khaki pants, but my fiance and his mom liked the idea of a tux better. He said he wanted to get married in something fancier than a navy blazer, which I understand. However, we are letting the groomsmen wear their own tuxes and then their gift is going to be a bow tie that goes well with the bridesmaid dresses. Choosing menswear was actually was more difficult then the bridesmaid ha.

  8. I love the picture where the groom is wearing different pants… what a fun take on a somewhat “boring” part of the wedding party! While I’m not sure if it’s something that I would personally do, I love looking at it! PLUS, I can’t really say no to a man in a well-fitting suit 😉


  9. We did navy blazers with green pants and it was both fun and smart looking! you can see some pics on the #cahillcanty instagram hashtag.

  10. My husband and his guys wore charcoal rented tuxes because that’s what we thought you were supposed to do! Rented tuxes are terrible and ill-fitting. Ironically the main color of our wedding was navy, and I so wish I would have had our guys in navy suits. (When we retook our wedding photos this year for our anniversary I had him wear his trusty navy suit and it looked great!)
    You can’t go wrong with navy, and you can’t go wrong with what your man feels great in!

  11. Thanks for including some menswear, Mackenzie! I’m shopping for two now that I’m married, and I have a lot fewer ideas about what to buy my husband than I do for myself! Any suggestions for preppy menswear blogs that feature things a normal guy would actually wear? Thanks!

  12. Navy blazers are so classic, and timeless! My sister is getting married in July, and her groom + his groomsmen are doing an ever-so-slightly more royal blue hue of the classic navy, and I love it! There really is nothing like a guy in a well-fitted suit, especially when it’s your guy all cleaned up 🙂

  13. I love navy blazers on groomsmen, and actually pushed pretty hard for my now-husband to choose them for our wedding. (He ended up wearing a classic tux which couldn’t really argue with!) He said that since a navy blazer and light pants were his “go-to” outfit for weddings as a guest, he wanted to look different on his big day. Since I was certainly going all out with my dress, I figured I couldn’t begrudge him the same fun 🙂

    1. Agreed — pretty hard to argue against a guy in a tux! We decided tuxes would be too formal for our beach reception but really, nothing beats a guy in any kind of suit!

  14. The blazer is nice but $900?! I sort of feel like there has to be a very nice suit jacket for a more reasonable amount of money. I am assuming the quality is phenomenal, and that’s great, but I can’t fathom spending that on a blazer.

    1. The second one I linked to costs less than half that (and is currently 25% off, making it under $300) if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly. If it’s a piece you’re going to wear for years, I think it’s always a good idea to invest in the best quality you can afford, whether that’s $200 or $2,000.