I mentioned in yesterday’s post that part of our trip to Nantucket this weekend will be spent meeting with different vendors for our wedding on the island next summer. In addition to meeting with our venue and the tent company, we’ve also scheduled meetings with several florists! I’m really excited to get the ball rolling and start brainstorming the fun stuff.

I don’t plan to get too crazy with my bouquet or the centerpieces as I tend to like things super simple and I think the venue is pretty spectacular unto itself. 😉 Fun fact: I worked at a florist on Nantucket the summer I turned seventeen so it would be fun to work with them but we’re definitely keeping our options open! Here are a few ideas that have caught my eye…

A Carolyne Roehm tablescape featuring pink and red garden roses in blue and white porcelain vases on a striped tablecloth.

A Bastille Day tablescape with blue and white hydrangeas on a striped tablecloth.

A Nantucket bride carries a bouquet of coral pink peonies on Main Street.

A wedding floral arrangement featuring garden roses and pink and white peonies in a Nantucket lightship basket.

A white wedding centerpiece with hydrangeas, roses, and candles in glass hurricanes.

*images one / two / three / four / five

Isn’t the floral arrangement in the Nantucket lightship basket fun? My Grandy carries her lightship basket as an everyday bag so I think it would be such a fun personal touch! (Real lightship baskets cost a pretty penny but here’s an affordable lookalike.) I’d love to hear from any of you who have planned or are planning your own weddings any advice you might have for meeting with your florist for the first time!

P.S. I started a public wedding board on my Pinterest if you want to follow along! You can also view all my Wedding Wednesday archives right here.


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  1. We got great baskets like that at the Christmas Tree shops and they were gorgeous! Our florist filled them and we got to keep whatever we didn’t give away in the end.

  2. Love your ideas! I am getting married this December and am in the middle of the florist-choosing process! It has been been pretty intense, but so much fun! I am VERY anti-trends, so I it has been a bit of battle in sticking to my guns when talking with florists and trying to adequately describe my vision. To help with this, I created a public pinterest board as well, and made sure to include fabrics, pictures of the venue, and overall inspiration to help give them a better idea of the “vibe” that I am going for. Our boards actually look really similar :

    Good Luck! Love Nantucket 🙂

  3. As someone who just went through this, my biggest recommendation is to book a florist whose overall aesthetic matches your own and whose expertise you really trust. We spoke with several vendors but ended up booking the floral/design company we did because I didn’t feel like I’d have to micromanage them or be worried that the finished product was what I wanted. Once you’ve explained your vision, ask THEM to show you images of work they’ve done that would be similar- if they hit the mark, you know they get it!

  4. My biggest recommendation is to work with flowers that are local and seasonal. A big part of why we planned a late May wedding was because we knew it would be prime time for peonies and we would be able to get great full face flowers for our centerpieces!

  5. Congratulations again! I’m getting married Sept. 3.

    I think you’ll know when you find the right person. I only met with one florist because my friend is a florist, but when I went venue shopping I definitely knew in my gut when we found the right one. The right one will know exactly what you want and don’t want, and won’t try to force anything on you that may be in trend, or discouraging you from doing something that you really want to do.

    I think the best thing to do is have a lot of examples of what you do want, and what you don’t like. I think it was almost more helpful for her to see what I really didn’t want!

    1. I have a small private Pinterest board of what I do like but I would have never thought to include examples of what I don’t like — thank you for the helpful suggestion!

  6. Tip for brides on a budget: you can buy bulk flowers at Costco! You buy online and they ship to your door. We did hydrangea centerpieces ourselves from Costco hydrangeas. Their roses are really nice too! They were fool proof to arrange (my uncle ended up doing most of it!). We also spray painted thrift store vases and candle holders to look like mercury glass and they ended up awesome.

    We did get my bouquet professionally made. I stalked local wedding photographers blogs until I found a wedding with flowers I liked and called the florist that was linked in the post. She created something very similar to the one I saw online and was easy to work with!

    1. Great ideas! Unfortunately we’re getting married on an island without a Costco but I’m sure several of my readers will benefit from this — thank you for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous ideas! You can’t go wrong with peonies and hydrangeas. I think be very clear about the texture you want your bouquet to have: mine ended up too “perfect” and rounded when I really wanted something a little more natural and forgot to mention it! Bringing photos is of course always a good idea too!

  8. So fun!!!!!!! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great things o n the to do list! If you haven’t already, I would prioritize photo and DJ/band as well since they can only do one event in a night 🙂

    My advice for clients when looking at florists:
    -Come with a budget. Since florals have so many variables such as the type of blooms, types of vessels, etc, it’s super helpful for the florist to know a budget so that they can stick with that in the proposal.
    -Bring inspiration, but try to streamline it to just a handful of photos.
    -Try to discern why you like the flowers. Is is because of the colors, the amount of greenery, the scale? That will help pinpoint the look you’re going for.

    Have a wonderful trip!!

      1. Yikes! I didn’t see your reply!!! I’m so sorry! Great bands out of Boston that likely will travel: Young Love and the Thrills and Sultans of Swing 🙂