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Listening… to this song on repeat. Two weekends ago, Will and I flew into Newark on Friday night, drove to Greenwich for a wedding, woke up Sunday morning and drove to Bucknell for my brother’s graduation, then drove back to Newark that afternoon. It was a lot of driving in two short days and I’m not exaggerating when I say we listened to this song more than a dozen times en route — it’s impossible not to feel happy when it comes on!

Loving… these gold sandals that just came in the mail. They remind me of a similar pair I bought when I worked at the Ralph Lauren store on Nantucket the summer after I graduated from high school (best employee discount ever) but these are just $60 so I won’t feel too guilty if I wear them into the ground by the end of the summer.

Reading… I just finished How to Have a Good Day and Maestra (career advice and a psychological thriller… opposite ends of the spectrum, ha!) and now I’ve started on The White Album by Joan Didion. Traveling three out of the past four weekends means I’ve been reading a lot more than usual, particularly now that I’m doing all my reading from my phone with Audible. Clearly I don’t discriminate when it comes to genre so I would love any recommendations on what to read next!

Wanting… this eyelet romper that of course I found right after hitting publish on yesterday’s post. Isn’t it adorable? I’m eyeing it for the Fourth of July but if you happen to be getting married this summer, I think it’d be perfect for a farewell brunch or warm weather honeymoon!

Watching… catching up on Scandal season four and getting excited for season five to come out on Netflix on June 11… if I can hold off from buying it on Amazon before then. 😉 I got super lucky on one of our flights two weekends ago because the plane’s entertainment system just happened to have three episodes starting exactly where I’d left off and I’ve been zipping through them ever since.

Wearing… the patriotic striped tee pictured above. It might not seem like a big departure to most of you (let’s be honest, I’m wearing at least one striped item nine days out of ten) but wearing anything red is so foreign to me that my mom saw me wear it on Nantucket last weekend and instantly commented on how unusual it was. Like my Instagram bio says, never not wearing navy…

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  1. Just finished many many hours on the road with my boy as well, and country music is seriously one of the best to roadtrip to! Just feels right 🙂 Hope it was a fun weekend!