The room in our home that’s closest to being “finished” is definitely our living room, which is completely open to our kitchen and dining area. As I’ve described in the past, it’s on the second floor of our house, so you walk upstairs from the garage/foyer and directly into this open space. We have a large navy sectional that’s great for lounging and entertaining and I’m really happy with how the rest of the room has shaped up around it. I’m dying to share the space in its entirety but there are still a few kinks to be worked out and I want it to be just right when I send it out into the world!

One of the nagging little details that I haven’t quite figured out yet is the right side table for one side of the sectional. Right now we have an antique wood table from Will’s apartment in New York that we both love but agree isn’t right for this room. The room gets decent light at certain parts of the day but because the sectional and this table are the first things you see when you walk up the stairs, the first impression is too dark — so not our style, as you can see in the rest of the space:

design darling living room

design darling living room

design darling dining room


I love white furniture and the room already has a lucite coffee table and X bench but I still can’t decide which direction to go in for this silly side table. I’m definitely of the mindset that if you buy only what you truly love, you’ll always find a way to make it work, so I rounded up several side tables that I love for one reason or another in the hopes that maybe you’ll all have an opinion to share!

Because the side table won’t be leaning against a wall, I don’t want anything with a solid back. And because it’s one of the first things you see as you walk in, I’d prefer something with interesting lines or at least a little visual interest. I’d love to hear if you have any favorites! I definitely have a few front runners but part of me wants to search for something vintage and have it lacquered by The CEH here in Dallas (like I did during the One Room Challenge). I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

A Design Darling round-up of lucite, mirrored, raffia, and white end tables for a Dallas living room

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight

I’m obsessed with this table but I think it might be lucite overkill in this particular room so maybe something like this would be better. And I love the curved legs on this (it’s an affordable lookalike for this one!). And I love, love, love this table (and everything Oomph makes!) but I worry it would be too tiny next to the big sectional. Weigh in in the comments!

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  1. Hi there! I fell in love with you table lamps when I saw them in the email I received this morning from ikea and have been searching for them…would you be able to point me in the right direction on how to get my hands on them?! Thank you in advance!

  2. Depending on size needed, you could go with another option: a Chinese garden stool in a solid color or classic blue & white Chinoiserie.

  3. IKEA has sent me an email claiming that the white console is one of their BESTA items, you I don’t see anything on their website that resembles this console other than the basic box. Is this BESTA and did you add new feet and have it lacquered?

  4. My choices would be 6 or 8. Six because of the overall shape. The angular lines and squared off heyhole shape at the bottom speak to the design of the nearby bookcase. The bookcase design might be rounder, but I think both designs (bookcase and #6 side table) would work really well together. The metal in 6 gives the illusion of white because it’ll reflect the white from the console and bookcase on that side of the room. The side of the side table that meets the sofa would reflect a bluish glow brilliantly. To me, that’s the winner. Second choice is 8 because of its interesting shape, white color, and narrow footprint (if you place it lengthwise against the sofa). The space looks a little tight, so have a side table that leaves you with enough room to walk around without hitting something, could be an important consideration. It’s beautiful on all sides and it has 3 shelves. Those 3 shelves could come in super handy to house a basket for TV/audio remote controllers, bowls of nuts or fruit when you entertain, coffee table books, pretty canisters holding pens and paper, etc. Which ever you choose, I have no doubt will look stunning. Clearly, you have excellent taste!

  5. I would choose no. 8. It has a lot more versatility than the lucite table. Also I would be a little concerned that might get knocked over very easily especially if you have pets or kids in the house!

  6. Your best bet would be 3 or 8. Why? They have straight lines, they are white, and they have open space keep the flow going. Which of those two is best depends on what the top needs to hold. Do you need a lamp, a place for a glass and a book? Do you need extra shelves for electronic devices etc. then 8 is your choice.

  7. I would definitely choose #1. You already have too many angles in the room. The coffee table is square, the sectional is rectangle, etc. This table has soft interesting lines and if people are going to be walking around it, they will not hit the corners as they would with a square table.

  8. Not sure how much space you have at end of sofa so I’m going with # 1 as coffee table square and this could tie in with dining room table. Your place looks great – I’m jealous. At the moment I’m looking at entryway light fixtures!!

  9. How about a ceramic garden stool? It could be white, pierced, or even a silver metallic. They are portable, the correct height and not a huge investment if you change your decor. I also love the side table made by Oomph 😊

  10. I vote grasscloth, 100% ! Adds some texture, and still stays light and bright without being another white piece. I agree 1 lucite piece is enough for this space as your beautiful coffee table is such a statement. You could even have a sheet of glass cut for the top of the grasscloth table if you’re worried about drinks & wear. Grasscloth for sure!

  11. I really like 2 and 3. 2 would be best if you want something a little different but still similar to what is already going on in the room. And 3 if you want to continue down the white furniture route. Can’t really go wrong though 🙂

  12. I love 1 & 8! They both have visual interest with the curve in them. Also I think lacquer could be fun! Depends on how it looks next to the navy couch though. Maybe pink? Is that too girly for Will? Turquoise would be pretty too.

  13. I think the curves of the first table will tie in really well with the rest of your decor, especially that shelving piece with the circles. Classic and cute!

  14. Hmm, I think you might already have too much white and lucite in the room. Why not have some fun with the side table and introduce either another color or a metallic element? Something in chrome or nickel? Like this:

    Or a drum shape:

    Or if you wanted to pull in the turquoise color from your lamps:

    1. I completely agree with Elle on your checking out Bungalow 5! Their furniture design will work well with the pieces you’ve chosen and surprise! they just opened a new showroom in Dallas. Happy shopping! Whichever piece you choose, will be tasteful and classic.

  15. I love the curves of 1 & 8! Both seem like the would go nicely with the room so far while still adding some interest.

  16. In relation to your living room, I’d take the n°1 : elegant curved lines (for different touches compared to your other square furniture) , not a massive impression, and it’ always useful to have a shelf below !