Lately I find myself spending more time on Snapchat than any other social media platform. Is that true for any of you too? Don’t get me wrong, I still love scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest but there’s something so addictive about Snapchat!

I feel so awkward filming myself and talking to the camera (does anyone like the sound of their voice on camera?!) but that’s exactly what I love to see on other people’s Snapchats so I’m thinking it’s time to rip off the bandaid so to speak. Plus it’s such an easy way to dip my toes into creating more video content on the go without slaving away editing footage at my computer. You can follow me @designdarling if you’re so inclined — I’m hoping to do a Q&A at some point in the near future (once I work up some courage, eek!). In the mean time, here are ten bloggers whose stories I can’t get enough of…

design darling's favorite bloggers to follow on snapchat

@amberfillerup — Amber and her husband call New York City home but make traveling the world with two little ones look like a dream.

@annstreetstudio — Jamie is a photographer who has a killer eye and makes seriously impressive use of emoji.

@coralsncognacs — Hallie is truly one of the funniest people I know! I’m also seriously inspired by her work ethic juggling her blog with teaching at Soulcycle.

@dallaswardrobe — Amy’s Snapchat is just so fun, whether she’s hanging at home or hitting the town — and the best part is she’s even more fun in real life.

@damselindior — I’ve always loved Jacey’s style but her Snapchats make me love her personality just as much. Fashion, fitness, and interior inspo all in one follow.

@galmeetsglam — Julia’s Snapchats (not unlike her Instagrams) are totally wanderlust-inducing — and I love her “four eyes on the pink couch” series she does with her husband Thomas.

@jessicasturdy — Jess is another good friend of mine (remember our trip to Palm Beach?) and someone whose Snapchats capture her personality so perfectly.

@merrittbeck — Merritt shares everything from what she’s eating and what workout she’s doing to what she’s up to behind the scenes of her blog and where she’s traveling to next. As a new Dallasite, I also love her restaurant recs!

@lizadamsss — Liz writes one of my all-time favorite blogs so it’s no surprise I love her Snapchat as well. Her son Charlie is so precious!

@studiomcgee — This interior designer in Salt Lake City creates the most incredible homes and makes me want to screenshot every snap for decorating inspo.

So there you have it — ten of my favorite bloggers to follow on Snapchat! I guess I like cute kiddos (and puppies!), pretty travel snaps, and lots of personality shining through. Who are your favorite people to follow on Snapchat? Any requests for something you’d like to see me feature? I’m all ears!


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  1. Hi Mackenzie!
    You should also follow Carly from TheCollegePrepster on snapchat…she posts such cute videos of her dogs!

  2. You definitely mentioned a few of my favorites! In addition to @galmeetsglam’s “four eyes on the pink couch,” I also love the Monday Q&A that @lemonstripes does each week; it’s such a great way to engage with readers. I wish more bloggers did something similar! I love posts like this- always love to hear who is putting out great content.