Since finding my wedding dress, a lot of people have asked if I’ll be changing into a second dress for our reception. I haven’t 100% decided but I feel like since I only get to wear my wedding dress once in my life, I might as well wear it as many hours as I possibly can (especially since our ceremony will be in the late afternoon). That said, if I were going to change dresses, this ostrich feather dress from Sail To Sable would be a top contender. It’s beautiful quality for a cocktail dress but so festive and fun that it calls for a special celebration like a wedding, graduation party, or even New Year’s Eve.

design darling wears a sail to sable white feather dress

white feather dress for wedding reception

design darling wedding reception dress

design darling wears club monaco april pumps

design darling wears a white feather dress by sail to sable

second dress for wedding reception

sail to sable white feather dress for wedding reception

Sail To Sable feather dress c/o

earrings  //  clutch  //  striped heels (on sale and available in more sizes here)

Did you / will you change dresses for your wedding reception? A few more reception-worthy dresses here, here, here, and here if you’re interested. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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*Photos by Ali Schilling



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  1. This is such a fun dress! If you’re doing a grand exit, you might consider slipping into this dress just for the run to your car. That way you can still get some fabulous photos in it!

  2. That ostrich feather dress is so much fun! I think it would be a great contender for a rehearsal dinner dress because knowing you, your wedding dress is probably even more amazing- and like you said it’s such a special dress you only get to wear once! I had a big ball gown skirt that went over my dress which was a more straight skirt so it was fun to have two different looks without changing the whole dress!

  3. I had a bit of an interesting predicament at my recent wedding- I wanted to keep my gown on as long as possible, but my dad and I did a special father daughter swing dance that absolutely wasn’t possible in a long dress. I ended up changing into a short dress from BHLDN for that, then back into my gown for the rest of the reception. I don’t regret it at all…I love my gown so much and I wanted to wear it as long as possible!

  4. Ps you posted these shoes the other day and I liked them but seeing them on, I feel that I must have a pair too! They almost look like a soft solid color in the first pic

  5. I’d keep my wedding dress on throughout. Especially if my father paid for it! This is SUPER cute. Are you going to have a rehearsal dinner? Maybe that could be an opportunity if you’re unsure but want to enjoy this dress!

  6. I had originally planned on changing, and actually purchased a very similar feathered dress for the after-party portion of our reception. But when the big day actually came, I was having so much fun the thought of leaving the party just to change seemed ridiculous! Plus I was absolutely obsessed with my wedding dress and wanted to soak up every minute of wearing it. I ended up wearing the feathered cocktail dress one night on our honeymoon.

  7. I’m so torn! I agree with you that I want to wear my wedding gown as long as I possibly can. That said, I know some brides can tired of wearing the dress or it gets super in the way and they want to change. I ordered the Ranata dress from BHLDN (I had tried it with a long skirt over as a gown option but ended up loving the sheath) and am planning to re-wear it for the cocktail party my in laws want to have in Toronto after the wedding. I figure I’ll wear it for the Toronto party and either the rehearsal dinner or the reception/exit and after party at the very least. Plus I can always re-wear with a colored skirt over in the future 🙂

  8. I’m nowhere close to getting married but I don’t think I’ll be changing dresses. Like you, I think I’ll want to wear my dress for as many hours as possible!


  9. I won’t be changing my dress as our ceremony is also in the late afternoon and I want to wear my dress for as long as possible! I figure that I’ll only get to wear it once, so I might as well enjoy it. If anything, I’ll be changing my shoes for the reception. I’ll also be removing my veil following the ceremony so that it’s not in the way for dinner and dancing.

  10. I won’t be wearing a different dress for the reception, but part of me loves the idea! I just feel like I only have once chance to wear my wedding dress, so why not wear it all night? That’s sooo gorgeous though!

  11. I didn’t change dresses. I felt like we spent so much on “the dress” that I didn’t want to spend more on another, and not get all the wear time out of the other one that I could before it was preserved.