You guys! I seriously don’t know where the past seven months have gone because this weekend we’re taking our engagement photos on Nantucket! I’m so excited and definitely a little nervous about looking our best in such important pictures. This is the first time we’re working with our wedding photographer Cameron Clark of Cameron & Kelly Studio and I can’t wait to see what magic we cook up together. I’ll definitely be doing another Wedding Wednesday post on how we chose her as our wedding photographer (besides the fact that she’s just crazy talented of course!).

Our plan is to do some of our engagement pictures on a sailboat — sailboat rides have become one of our favorite things to do on Nantucket and I think it will set the scene for our nautical nuptials just perfectly! But of course there’s a lot about sailing that’s out of our control (light, wind, weather in general), so Cameron suggested that we also have a few locations picked out for shooting on land. She and I are sharing a private Pinterest board so she can get a better feel for my style as well as see a few of the locations I have in mind! I’m a little nervous but mostly just really excited to have photos for our save-the-dates, website, etc.! Here’s a little of the inspiration I’ve shared with her…

sailboat engagement pictures

sailboat engagement photos

beach engagement photos with dogs

blue and white engagement photos

nantucket engagement photos

*photos one / two / three / four / five

Since we’ll be shooting on two days in at least two different locations, I plan to wear two different outfits to see which look photographs best. I’m still working out the second look but I know this dress is the first! Love love love.

nDefinitely follow along on Snapchat this weekend (I’m @designdarling) and stay tuned to see the pictures on the blog in a few weeks. Do share if you have any words of wisdom, wardrobe advice, etc. and wish us luck!!!


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  1. I love that you plan on having your engagement shoot on a sailboat since that is an activity the two of you love to share together. It is important to plan things out like outfits and such, thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope those tips were helpful! And now, just because it s super fun to look at, here are some of my amazing couples showing off their posing skills during both their engagement session and their wedding day!! I love seeing the engagement photos next to the wedding day!! Love to see the differences and similarities between the two shots!

  3. I’m sure you photos are going to be gorgeous! Be careful in that pretty white dress on a sailboat- hope there isn’t too much of a breeze haha! 😉 I wish I had taken more time to explain what I wanted with my photographer beforehand so I think it’s so great that you all have a Pinterest board of images and ideas! My best advice (for engagement photos and the wedding) is to be sure to let her know if there is something that you REALLY want captured. I sent my photographer an email beforehand of a few key things but there were a lot of details that were forgotten that I had spent so much time on!

  4. Perfect timing! We’re doing our Boston engagement photos in a couple weeks. Our photographer is Charleston based but since Boston has so many places that are meaningful to us, we’re doing a shoot here too. Planning outfits has been a little stressful, but I think I have it all worked out–whew! I’m planning on a cobalt blue dress I’ve had for a few years for my dressier outfit and then I bought an amazing white peplum top to wear with my JCrew pixie pants for a more casual outfit. Can’t wait to see how yours come out!

  5. We made sure to bring a small towel to wipe off any lipstick that got on my fiance during the posing (because you know there will be several kisses!) Have so much fun!

  6. We just took ours! My wedding Wednesday today was dedicated to them as well. Just try to relax and be comfortable with your photographer. Our shots were so much more natural and us when we weren’t trying to be all posed and stiff! Nantucket will be beautiful for your shots! Have fun! 🙂

  7. If you are going to use the photos for save the dates, think about the design of the save the date while shooting! We wanted to put the text over the photo, but didn’t take any photos that allowed enough room for the design we wanted. Wish we had the photographer take some with us to the left 1/3 of the frame with a nice background in the other 2/3 for putting the text on.

    Also think through other things you’ll potentially use the photos for, like wedding decor. Since you’re going to have out of town guests, you could throw some Nantucket specific photos in a list of places to see and restaurants for guests.

    Sending you good weather and good lighting vibes!