Have you ever thought what your ultimate fall wardrobe might look like? I’m in dire need of a closet purge where I donate the items I no longer wear and remember/fall back in love with all the classic pieces I’ll wear forever. I like to think I’m pretty good at purchasing items that won’t feel outdated the following year but like every girl I have moments where I stand in front of my closet thinking, “If only I had this kind of [bag/boot/coat] to wear with this [scarf/skirt/sweater/what have you].”

Featured below are items I consider building blocks of the ultimate fall wardrobe, featuring only classic pieces you (and I!) could wear for years to come. I’d say I currently own variations of almost all of these items, though this and this would definitely fill two gaps in my fall wardrobe. For me it helps to narrow in on a color palette I love and feel comfortable in to ensure I can mix and match different items all season long. I’d love to hear how your ultimate fall wardrobe would compare to this list as well as how many of these items you already own!


Barbour jacket  //  striped shirt  //  dark denim

backless sweater  //  over-the-knee boots  //  draped cardigan

trench coat  //  suede heels  //  peplum sweater

navy blazer  //  travel wrap  //  crossbody bag

fleece jacket  //  leather tote  //  quilted vest

cashmere sweater  //  navy skirt  //  leather booties

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  1. My list is very similar, but I still haven’t splurged on a cashmere wrap yet. If only if it was cool enough to wear any of this here! I am currently melting in my jeans. Most people have fall, southern California has fire season.

    1. My sister in Southern California told me the heat was unbearable there… She says she misses our hometown (where it i usually has like a forever spring/fall weather).

  2. Mine definitely would include tons of chunky sweaters, broken-in loafers, leather boots and a Burberry trench. But that’s just to start 😉 Love these picks, especially the navy skirt. That button detail is so cute!

  3. I love every single piece of this dream fall wardrobe. Fall is really when I hit my fashion stride so to speak. I feel most comfortable and most like myself in layered pieces. Putting that peplum sweater on my wishlist ASAP!