I’m counting down the days until Christmas in Charleston with my family! I’ve mentioned this before, but when my parents sold our childhood home, we decided we’d celebrate Christmas in a new place each year. Last year we celebrated in Maine and while I’m not sure anything will top getting engaged last Christmas Eve, I know I could be just about anywhere with my family and still have the best time. And thanks to the Shutterfly goodies in this post, I feel extra confident about the gifts I’ll be bringing along!


Ever since we got our engagement photos back from our photographer at the end of the summer, my parents and Grandy have been reminding me that I owe them copies of their favorite photos. Everyone seemed to have their own personal favorites and since only one could make the cut for our save-the-date, I thought I’d whip up a few bonus Christmas presents repurposing those photos. (I say “bonus” because we technically assign who buys gifts for whom and because they’ll all see this post before Christmas morning!)




upload your own photo ornaments  //  framed print

I had so much success asking my bridesmaids with the help of Shutterfly that I knew exactly where to turn for the perfect personalized gifts for the holidays. Shutterfly lets you personalize just about any item you could possibly think of, from framed photos and monogrammed accessories to seasonal items like tree ornaments and wrapping paper. It also couldn’t be easier to drag and drop your photos onto various product designs — I definitely had a little too much fun deciding which photos looked best on which items!






monogrammed cutting board  //  monogrammed canvas pouch

If you prefer monogrammed gifts to photo gifts, you’ll love the other goodies I ordered! My sister Reilly just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn so this monogrammed cutting board is a perfect Christmas / housewarming gift. And then I couldn’t resist these cute little monogrammed pouches for my cousins Sarah, Emily, and Chelsea. My only regret is not ordering one for myself!




custom gift wrap

Last but not least is the custom gift wrap! I’m definitely not very crafty when it comes to creative gift wrap ideas (I think it’s a total art form!) so I consider this a way to win presentation points without having to coax my inner Martha Stewart out of hiding. I had so much fun picking photos from everyone’s milestone moments over the past year — my brother Grayson’s Bucknell graduation, a sailboat ride on Nantucket for Grandy’s birthday, my cousins Sarah and Chelsea running a marathon, etc.! Whether you upload photos or your own designs, I think custom gift wrap is such a fun surprise under the Christmas tree!

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Show them how much you care this holiday season with the perfect, personalized gift made with Shutterfly.


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  1. I ordered the ornaments with our engagement pictures after seeing yours. They just arrived yest – and they are awesome!! Thanks for the great idea – will definitely be a big hit with our parents / grandparents.