Shopbop launched their “spend more, save more” promotion yesterday and it’s a great chance to scoop up gifts for her at 15-25% off. Most of my top picks are accessories and shoes since I think it’s always nice to receive a gift that fits perfectly on the first try! I have so many pairs of Loeffler Randall shoes on my wishlist and these new Gray Malin iPhone cases would make great gifts under $50. I hope you find something you love — don’t forget promo code GOBIG16 at checkout!


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  1. Constructive comment (I swear – huge fan & longtime reader!) … it seems as though every post lately is just a click-to-shop-this type post. Whether it’s a gift guide, sale selections for every store’s sale, things you want, wishlist items, etc. I miss the more personal posts, whether about goals, travel, fitness… anything else!! Are you still doing wedding wednesday posts? I’m getting married next September as well and really liked how you were doing those. I miss your more genuine and personal content, which is why I fell in love with your blog (above many many others) in the first place 🙂

    1. Hi Erica,

      I appreciate the feedback and understand why this week in particular can feel a little overly focused on shopping vs. personal posts. I will definitely be bringing back Wedding Wednesday posts in 2017 — we just had such a long engagement that I didn’t really have meaningful wedding planning updates every single week for over a year and a half. If there’s anything in particular that you want to see (wedding-related or otherwise!) I am always open to suggestions for post ideas. I will also be publishing my next 101 in 1001 list at the beginning of next year so that should help bring back some of the goals-oriented content you’re missing! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and please keep the dialog going with any ideas you have. 🙂