Pardon the inconsistent posts around here this week — we arrived in Greenwich on Sunday night and it’s been a complete whirlwind ever since. It’s like I’d forgotten how much fun moving is 😉 Seeing which pieces of furniture got damaged in transit, trying to squeeze sofas through tiny doorways, living among mountains of boxes… The plan is to just keep chipping away at it, little by little every day, and now that we have internet set up at the new house, I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming! As overwhelming as the past few weeks have been, I feel so happy just being back in my home state and having my parents close by again.

I’m also very close to finishing up my third 101 in 1001 list, which I’m hoping to share on the blog sometime next week. While I don’t set New Year’s resolutions per se, I do love this time of year and getting to read so many bloggers’ goals for 2017 as they often help inspire my own! Since my next list is still a work in progress, I’d love to hear about the goals you’re hoping to tackle this year (or in the next 1001 days if you’re using that timeline!). I’d also be happy to share my system for tracking my goals and breaking them down if that’s something you guys would be interested in!

In the mean time, here’s a fun little look Ali shot for me before we left Dallas. (Sorry if the title of the post was confusing, haha — there would be snow everywhere if we’d taken these in Connecticut and let’s be honest, I haven’t done my hair in over a week!). I’ve never been a huge hat wearer but I ordered this one on a whim and I’m kind of into it! In fact, I wish I knew what box it’s sitting in right now because it would be the perfect way to hide my messy hair…










Nordstrom hat  //  J.Crew field jacket  //  Ted Baker peplum sweater

Sophie Hulme box bag  //  Frame jeans  //  Sam Edelman suede booties (more sizes available here)

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  1. Love the peplum sweater! I don’t really set new year resolutions but I challenged myself to travel somewhere every month whether it be by car, train, or plane I want to leave my city once a month,


  2. Oh I know what it feels like living in boxes and the struggles of moving! But nothing compares to the feeling when you are finally all settled in your new place. 🙂
    And by the way – that top is adorable!

  3. Looking gorgeous and so stylish Mackenzie! I can’t wait to hear more about your new place and life in Connecticut. I hope your move is going as smoothly as possible! (:

  4. Mackenzie,

    I love the outfit, I’m always looking for new ways to wear my field jackets! I also completely relate about the struggles of moving. I got married in NC in December and just moved to California, where my husband works. It’s such an overwhelming struggle trying to tackle all the boxes!