Friday totally snuck up on me this week since we arrived in Greenwich on Sunday night and have spent most of the week unpacking, rearranging, and dealing with all sorts of logistics (connecting to the internet, not getting hot water, furniture that wouldn’t fit through the front door…) in the new house. Seriously my parents deserve a medal for all the time they’ve spent helping us get settled.

I’ve been totally off my usual work routine — I thought I’d be mostly back to normal once we got wifi installed but naturally the system stopped working the day after it was installed. Argh! I know there are always so many frustrations with moving but hopefully we have most of the big ones crossed off our list after this week. There was a point yesterday where I turned to my dad and remarked that the first floor looked like a completely different house than it had 48 hours before, so we’re definitely making progress! Now to tackle the mess upstairs… 🙈

Moving on… this is the last outfit I shot with Ali before we left Dallas. I already miss her and Amy so much and will be counting down the days until I see them for my bachelorette party this spring! It’s strange to think that our time in Dallas is behind us but I really am so excited for this next chapter in our lives. Even though this week has been a circus, I’ve had a total pep in my step (save for a little meltdown over the wifi). 😉 I almost feel like next week is the start of my 2017 now that the 24-hour drive and first week in Connecticut are both behind us. Wishing all of you a happy weekend and a fresh outlook come Monday! xx

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  1. Welcome back to CT!!! I grew up in Fairfield and there was no better feeling than moving back to Ffld after college. CT is such a wonderful state to come home to! Good luck on the unpacking and organizing! Cannot wait to see what you guys do with your beautiful new home! xo

  2. I think of this as *the* Mackenzie Horan color scheme– fabulous! Your move has gotten us thinking more seriously about when we’ll make our own migration home; I admit I’m a bit envious! Good luck getting settled in.

  3. Hi Mackenzie,
    I have been following your blog for about 2 years now and absolutely love all of your posts. In a funny way I found out we went to high school together when I wore a blue and white stripe dress from Top Shop that you featured last summer to a wedding and a mutual friend and Blue Waver wore the same dress. After laughing about it she told me that in fact we were all at the high school together. I started following you when I lived in the city when I needed a little preppy outlet from the sea of black and when I found out you were from CT it just all made sense. Last Thanksgiving I moved back to Darien then shortly thereafter I moved to Greenwich with my boyfriend. It’s a little strange to live in Greenwich after growing up in Darien so I’m happy to be able to follow you now that we are neighbors again. Good luck with the unpacking I know how horrible moving can be after doing it almost every year for the past 15 years #needtostoprenting. Looking forward to you Greenwich posts!