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  1. Thank you, Mackenzie, for publishing home decor topics as well. It’s a pity for me you’ve left Dallas because I loved having a local blogger, but best wishes for your new adventure. Looking forward to your future posts, too: would you consider sharing favorite books, movies, events, and what currently inspires/excites your imagination? I enjoy blue & white in fashion and in decor but am also curious about “What would you make if you had to create without them?” Thanks for the opportunity to comment and good luck with actual winters again!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m always open to post suggestions if there’s something specific you’d like to see. I haven’t had a ton of time to read or watch movies lately between the holidays and our move but here’s a post from a few months ago where I rounded up a bunch of recent reads:


      I’ll try to do a similar post in a few months once I’ve gotten back on a good reading routine! Feel free to be in touch by comment or over email with any other topics you’d like to see here — I’m all ears. Thanks again!