One of my very favorite things about the house we’re renting in Greenwich is this amazing sunroom right when you walk into the house. The windows are super architecturally interesting and let in so much natural light that I literally find myself smiling every time I walk through the door. I had found the house online before we came up to Connecticut to look for a place to live the weekend after Thanksgiving and the moment we walked in, I knew this was going to be my favorite option of everything we’d seen. Thankfully it had a ton of other features that were important to both me and Will — a basement for storage, a guest bedroom, a yard for Rory — so it was a done deal!

In our townhouse in Dallas, we would always enter the house through the garage so I never really thought about having a cute doormat by the front door since we almost never used it. But now that we have this sunny enclosed front porch leading right into our living room, I’m realizing we could actually use two doormats — one at the top of the steps outside our front door and one in front of the door from the sunroom to the living room. I should also probably figure out an attractive shoe storage solution for the sunroom (maybe something like this?), but it’s annoying to take my shoes off every single time I walk inside, especially while we’re still getting settled and carrying a bunch of boxes from the car to the house and vice versa.

15 statement doormats for your front door

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight

nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve  //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen

If I were back in my studio apartment in New York or decorating my dorm room at Bucknell, I’d totally do something fun like this or this, but for Will’s sake we’ll probably go with a little less playful like this or this. By the way, I think some of these would make fun and unexpected housewarming or wedding gifts!

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  1. I ordered two of #2 because of this post!! Cannot believe we have been in our house for over a year and I am just now getting around to ordering a doormat!!! xx

  2. I live in a snowy climate and if you go with the boot tray, fill it with small decorative stones or river rocks. It makes the basic boot tray look nicer and helps with drainage from rain/snow!

  3. I love this idea, I hadn’t thought about a doormat setting the tone for your house before but it really does. I am in love with number seven and the idea that you have the coordinates there in front of you so I may have to buy it now! xx