I can’t believe January is almost over! I hope I’m not the only one who’s had a rough start in terms of fitness resolutions… Working out is definitely something I let slide to the bottom of my to do list in the midst of our big move but I’m excited to get back into a regular fitness routine. We still haven’t decided what will be best for us since Will’s new commute is going to impact the time we have to do personal training together at night. So I’m thinking that at least during the week I’ll rely on group classes (especially now that I have my mom as a new workout buddy!) and work out with Will on the weekends. We’re officially seven months out from our wedding so the countdown is on! Anyway I’m always looking to mix it up with new classes (right now I love pilates and TRX) so I would love to know which workouts you swear by these days!

tory sport leggings and nike sneakers on design darling

design darling workout clothes

design darling wearing tory sport leggings

design darling hair ribbon

tory sport leggings on design darling

Tory Sport top  //  Tory Sport leggings

Nike sneakers (same colors on another pair and lots more colors in the same style here)

If there’s one thing that makes it easier to motivate myself, it’s cute workout clothes. Will’s mom gave me this Tory Sport top and leggings for Christmas and they seriously match my new sneakers perfectly… We were definitely on the same wavelength! This modal top is seriously the softest thing I’ve ever put on my body. I’m obsessed with all things Tory Sport (as seen here and here) and can’t wait to add to my collection over time. If you’re looking to invest in some new workout clothes, I also love my recent purchases from the New Balance x J.Crew collection!

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  1. Crossfit all the way! Nothing else has helped me keep a lower body fat composition and challenges me mentally and physically every time I go!

  2. Echoing the sentiment of all the barre babes that have already weighed in! I’ll be taking my 200th class in under a year next week, and it has really changed my body composition. Such a good complement to my distance running. I had MUSCLES for my wedding dress– it looked amazing. And I keep going back because I love the community so much! I take Bar Method, but I know many of the other studios are supposed to be just as fantastic.

  3. Is the fabric of the Tory and/or JCrew pants similar to Lululemon? Looking to get another pair, but I love the lululemon fabric and how thin they are, so I don’t get overheated at Soul Cycle. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  4. My go to is spin- I take classes at both Flywheel and SoulCycle. If I really want to have my butt kicked, I head to a boot camp at a weight lifting gym; the only downside is that I can barely walk for a few days after, so it stops me from working out as frequently on the weeks I go.

  5. I have been REALLY bad at working out despite being 7 weeks from the wedding (I’m using my ballgown as an excuse…nothing form fitting over here, though I am focusing on my arms). Winters in Boston really make it hard to get motivated to go to the gym. That said, I hung a desk sized calendar on the wall in my office and got my coworkers on board with initialing when we work out. It definitely is a motivator! We all want our “gold star” for the day!

    I’ve been doing workouts from Spotebi.com and LOVE them. It’s intervals, but the timer has the intervals and clock built in together including an animation that shows the move and audible cues when it’s time to change moves. AND there’s a Spotify playlist to listen to when you workout. It makes it so easy…I just pull up the clock on my laptop and place it where I can see it. Done!

  6. I love taking HIIT classes! I go to a studio that offers a 60 minute class and it’s a mix of treadmill intervals, weights on the floor, and then rowing (which is so good for you, apparently). I’ve also been trying to get to yoga as much as possible and it’s done wonders for my mind. Hope you have a great week! 🙂

  7. Soul Cycle and Pure Barre are both in Greenwich! I’ve been doing Pure Barre for the past month and the results are amazing! Equinox just up the road from Pure also has great group classes.

  8. Cycle classes are my absolute favorite, but I also enjoy Barre! I’ve never felt as sore as I do the day after a barre class.

  9. Mackenzie! I’m jealous because my FAVORITE workout in the world is Go Figure Barre in Greenwich! I had to move away because of my husbands work and it’s one of the things I miss most about the area (other than the people and of course, the beach!) *Also have a studio on ACK!

  10. Spinning is definitely my favorite, but I like yoga and zumba too! (Nothing fancy, I just go to the classes at my gym!) I’ve been to Pop Physique and Pure Barre and really like those too (though they KILL after!)

  11. Pure Barre- it’s my favorite and a good compliment to running etc. There is a studio in Greenwich, though I go to either the Westport or Fairfield studios.

  12. I’ve discovered I don’t really like group classes because I like to decompress after work and not interact with people (total introvert!). With that said I did love going to yoga when I was in the habit but am definitely curious about spin. It intimidates me though!

  13. I love spin! I’ve also been thinking about trying Pure Barre but I’m slightly intimidated…it seems a little too hardcore for me haha.

  14. I LOVE Barre3 classes. They are calming and combine cardio with strength! The community there is great so it would be a fun way to get plugged in and meet new people too!