If there’s one brand that makes up the majority of my wardrobe, it’s without a doubt J.Crew. Some of my most worn classics (navy blazer, button-down shirts, ballet flats) come from J.Crew, but I also love their more colorful seasonal pieces. Their March style guide is brimming with spring styling inspiration and the dreamiest party-ready looks — I almost wish I’d waited to choose my bridesmaids’ dresses because this, this, and this would be top contenders. 😍😍😍

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the current collection to help get us all through the final weeks of winter. I just placed a rather sizable order (oops) including these blue sunnies, this bow top, these red sailor pants, and these pink satin flats. I’ll share a few of my favorite pieces in outfit posts over the next few weeks!








Can you even handle that open back swimsuit?! It also comes in navy and white stripes… So you already know it’s on its way to my closet.

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  1. I thought of you as I cruised the J Crew website yesterday and saw the new party dresses and nautical inspired clothes. My closet is beginning to look a lot like yours!