I’ve gotten a few questions about what hair products I’ve been using lately. With our wedding just six months away (!!!), I’m trying to grow my hair out and keep it as healthy as possible. I haven’t always taken great care of my hair (you can read about that here) but it’s become a bigger focus of mine in the past couple months and I wanted to share a few things that seem to be working well for me. I’d love to hear any additional tips of yours in the comments!


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I’ve talked about my love of blowouts a million times before and don’t know that I’ll ever be able to do my own hair as well as a professional. When I lived in New York and then Dallas, I swore by weekly trips to Drybar (and still stop in sometimes when I’m in the city during the week!). That said, our move to Connecticut has forced me to find a new spot for my favorite beauty indulgence and I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon Glam Blow in Greenwich. The name isn’t my favorite (I feel a little silly saying it out loud!) but they’re able to give me the bounciest, softest waves without even using a curling iron. While I’ll still touch up my blowout with a curling iron (I just use this cheap one) at home the next day, I have to say that laying off the hot tools has had a huge impact on the overall health of my hair. But if you’re unwilling to give up your beloved curling or flat iron, here are a few products that I also owe some credit for my healthier locks of late!

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ONE   //   These gummy vitamins have a delicious raspberry flavor and are great for healthy hair and stronger nails. I order mine on Amazon.

TWO   //   I still love the Drybar’s product line even though I don’t stop into their salons as often now that we live in the suburbs. This nourishing hair mask is great for adding much-needed moisture, particularly on split ends. I shampoo first, leave this in for a few minutes while I shave my legs, then rinse out.

THREE & FOUR   //   I’m a little obsessed with the scent of Living Proof’s shampoo and conditioner. I was introduced to the duo a few years ago and, while I love mixing up my shampoo and conditioner every few months, these will always be part of the rotation.

FIVE   //   Drybar’s 100 proof treatment oil is my favorite product of theirs that I’ve discovered over the years. This oil isn’t heavy or sticky but adds a little shine to any blowout. Even if I’m wearing my hair naturally curly (which I generally hate), I’ll add a little of this around my face and at the ends of my hair to keep things tame and frizz-free.

SIX   //   Now that I’m beating a dead horse on my Drybar addiction, the last product of theirs I love is this flexible hold hairspray. I have horrible memories of vanilla-scented hairspray from my years as a competitive gymnast, but this works perfectly on flyaways and smells amazing without being overpowering.

SEVEN   //   I was a little skeptical when I received this Elizabeth and James dry shampoo in a press mailer… Did I really need hair products from a brand better known for pretty party dresses? Well apparently yes, yes I did. Touted as the first fine fragrance for hair, this dry shampoo is hands down the best I’ve tried — and you could easily use it in place of your favorite perfume. I didn’t think I’d be the type to spend close to $30 on dry shampoo but when something gives me an extra 1-2 days after a blowout, it’s a no brainer.

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  1. I love blowouts but I have a hard time justifying the costs of getting them with any frequency. How often do you get one?

    1. I buy a membership package that brings the cost down considerably and go once a week, usually on the day I take outfit pictures for my blog. I understand it’s not for everyone but it works for me!

  2. Hey girl! I got married in January and used Kerastase Initialiste for months leading up to the wedding. You apply and rub into your scalp after showering. I swear by it and my hair grew super long before the wedding! Good luck! xoxo

  3. Yes to those hair skin and nail vitamins. I took them before my wedding and my hair grew like a weed!!

    I’ve been using Kristin Ess’s leave in conditioner and I swear my hair has never been so soft, smooth and full of life. If this would’ve been around before my wedding it would’ve been a game changer! Really, all of her products have been a game changer for me. They have a zipping technology that is supposed to help with hair strength and split ends, and I swear it has helped.

    I use the Aussie Strong 3 minute mask and that has changed my hair too. It’s sooo cheap but my hair feels like it can take on a lot after I use this. I’ve officially used up all of my pricey conditioners and am on the Aussie-only train.

  4. I used to “hair model” for living proof. Not in pictures (what, like Jennifer Aniston is prettier than me?!) but to test new product development. They’d blow out my hair, using one iteration of a product on one side and another on the other side, put me in a humidity tank, and follow up the next day about which side looked and felt the best.

    They’re super committed to the science behind their products, and making things that really WORK. I’m sure I’ve spent just as much on the company as I ever earned “modeling” because the experience totally converted me.

  5. Love Living Proof! They used to be one of my clients back when I worked in PR, and getting to tour their offices and science lab was awesome- they’re actually really passionate about their product and their technology they use in their ingredients is kind of amazing. The smell is one of my favorites too– the weightless styling spray is the best!!

  6. So with you on the Living Proof! I can’t live without it! I love the smell of it too. I even bought the travel size and keep refilling the bottles so I never have to use hotel shampoo again!

    1. Just curious about the Living Proof shampoo’s and conditioners and what is that people like about these products. I am always looking to try new products, I was a huge Kerastase fan until they changed the formula of my favorite product line, then I went back to Aveda products. I hear lots about LP but would like some feedback.