I’ve shared a few snaps of decorating progress at the new house on Instagram here, here, and here but I wanted to a few of the recent purchases we’ve made as well. It’s fun to see the furniture from our house in Dallas in a new light since we’ve had to totally reconfigure everything to work in a smaller space. I know it doesn’t make a ton of sense to be adding new furniture to a smaller home but thankfully we have a full basement where we’re able to store the pieces that didn’t quite fit and fill in with a few smaller purchases to make other pieces work.

design darling greenwich house serena and lily chairs

For instance, the Serena & Lily counter stools we had at our kitchen island in Dallas no longer have a home in our island-less kitchen in Greenwich, but I love them way too much to have them sit in storage for the foreseeable future! So I ordered this marble-topped tulip table so at least two of the stools can live in our sunroom. I wish I’d measured beforehand because the table is a little too high for the stools but I think if I add a couple seat cushions no one will be the wiser. I worked out there for part of the day yesterday and I have to say it was a fun change of scenery!

Second, I’ve had this affordable white end table since my second apartment in New York and moved it around probably a dozen times in our Dallas house. It’s just the perfect size and such a versatile little piece! So I actually ordered another one to balance out one side of our living room and I’m not sure what took me so long. Seriously, if you’re looking for an affordable end table that’s easy to build, still decent quality, and works in a variety of rooms, this is a steal!

Last but most certainly not least, I’m finally finally finally having our chaise longue reupholstered! This is a piece from my family’s house growing up and I was over the moon when my parents offered it to me before our move to Dallas. But lo and behold, I then let it sit in our garage for almost two years, unable to decide on the perfect fabric. But there’s a perfect spot for it in our new house and I’m shamelessly copying a reupholstery job that my mom had done for two chairs at their house — a solid hydrangea blue fabric with a subtle white trim near the base. The upholstery on this sofa is super similar if you’re curious what the end result will look like. It should be finished in a couple weeks and I can hardly wait to see it brought back to life!

In terms of upcoming purchases… I’m eyeing a new pair of throw pillows for our living room, this Greek key bolster for our bedroom, a new desk chair for Will (any ideas that aren’t hideous?!), and a couple rugs for our bedroom and sunroom (love this and this). I know some of you wish I could fast forward to a big reveal but I kind of enjoy the whole decorating process (slow-moving though it may be) so I hope you don’t mind an informal update every now and then!

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  1. I hate bar tables, too much leg for me. BUT I love the one you found! Good job! I’m sure it looks great with the S&L stools.

  2. Thanks for sharing! House and decor posts are my favorite! As mentioned, Emily Henderson’s blog has some great office chairs that are cute and functional.

  3. I love hearing about the design process! I’ll be moving in the next 2 months or so and know I’ll be giving up square footage wherever I end up so I love hearing how you’re making everything work in a smaller space!

  4. I love that you share the design process, instead of waiting for the grand reveal. It’s difficult not to feel the urgency to quickly furnish a living space, and what a lovely reminder to take your time and wait for the right pieces to make your house a home.