Let’s kick off the new week with a few ways to be more productive! I love nothing more than getting to the end of the week knowing I’ve crossed a ton of items off my to do list and can fully enjoy the weekend without any major tasks hanging over my head. Here are three things I’m doing to be more productive during the work week, featuring some pretty precious pictures of Rory hard at work. 🙂

design darling rory

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 1) Write one master to do list, no matter how long. I’ve experimented with this a ton over the years and I find that if I have separate lists for, say, work, our house, our wedding, and personal stuff like appointments or errands, I’ll rarely even look at all four in the course of a given day. If instead the four lists are all in the same place (which for you could mean a notebook, planner, Google doc, or Word doc), I have no choice but to see the full picture of everything I want to get done. This way when a new task pops into my head, I know to quickly throw it on my list before I get sidetracked on whatever I’m currently working on or worse, forget the new task entirely. Even if the master to do list is 72 items long and several tasks roll over into the next week (particularly relevant for wedding planning!), it helps to see all my weekly goals at a glance.

maison labiche embroidered shirt bonjour and julie vos cuff

design darling rory cockapoo

 2) Create structure in the work day. This can be really hard when you work from home and no one’s putting meetings on your calendar! But it’s important to me to wake up at the same time every day, to try to eat lunch around the same time each afternoon (still working on that…), and to schedule workouts with my mom throughout the week. If I were going to be super productive, I’d try to wake up with Will at 5:00 a.m. every morning and drive him to the train — something to aspire to for sure. 🙂 I’m definitely not a morning person by nature but I love feeling like I’m getting a head start on the day!

prada bow flats in navy and black on design darling

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3) My favorite productivity hack is the pomodoro technique. Will introduced it to me a few years ago and while I don’t use it every single day, I’m always happier and more productive when I do! It requires setting a timer (I just use my iPhone) for 25 minutes and working on a single task without distraction for those 25 minutes, followed by a 3-5 minute break (when I’ll let Rory outside, refill my water, or take a Pinterest break). “Respond to as many emails as you can in 25 minutes” feels way less daunting than “get to inbox zero,” even though they both tackle the same problem.

julie vos cuff on design darling

design darling working with rory

What productivity hacks help you tackle the work week? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. If you love the pomodoro technique, check out the Productivity Planner. I’m not a representative of them in anyway, just a fan. You can take your master to-do list and break down tasks in order of importance; then mark how many pomodoros you think it will take, etc. It’s super helpful, especially if you ever look at your list and don’t know where to begin prioritizing!

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t handle those pictures of you and Rory– so friggin’ precious!

    Loved these tips– I find myself to do the same thing with master lists vs separate lists. As much as separation helps me organized and not get overwhelmed, it’s true that you won’t tackle all of them in one day. I used to use Pomodoro during college actually, and it’s a great reminder. Thanks, Mackenzie!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I always try the pomodoro technique but my breaks always end up being longer than intended!

    Also, I really love that picture of your engagement ring and bracelet. I don’t know what it is about it (my photography skills are not great) but it is really beautiful! And Rory is so cute!

    Emily //

  4. Great tips! I have the pomodo extension set on my browser, which helps a lot. I think the one I use is called Tomato Clock. Then I’m not fiddling with my phone while try to work!

    Your porch is adorable, and I loved the pictures on this post! The lighting is perfect and the angles are great. I rarely notice blog photography but these really stuck out! Cute outfit and even cuter pup!

  5. These photos are so cute! Love the casual but classic look. I’m the same way – a master list is the best way for me to do things and I often set reminders on my phone at certain times when I know I’ll be somewhere or at the point of my day that I can cross it of the list!

    Southern Style

    1. Always love seeing what you’re up to, but you and Rory are my favorite photos in a while!
      Does Rory have his own Instagram account?, because my dogs want to be furrends .