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Listening… to Lady Gaga’s new album on repeat. It was a suggested playlist on Spotify after her performance at the Super Bowl and I was hooked after one listen. I didn’t have a strong feeling about her one way or the other before this album but her voice in “Million Reasons” gives me chills… Oh how I wish I could sing!

Loving… these pearl statement earrings that remind me of the bubble earrings I used to sell in my online boutique. I love a good classic with a twist and you can’t beat the $34 price tag!

Reading… an article Will sent me before my flight home from Finland about being busy vs. being productive. The part about always feeling too busy but never feeling too productive totally struck a chord with me.

Wanting… these perfect striped wedges — and some warm weather to go with them.

Watching… the second season of Billions. I love that they’ve introduced a few new characters into the mix. Who else is watching?

Wearing… this jacket that didn’t arrive before I left for Finland but is so comfy I couldn’t bring myself to return it. But in terms of slightly more stylish picks, I just ordered a few pretty things for spring… This, this, and these should be here next week, just in time for 50+ degrees in Connecticut!

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  1. This season of Billions is amazing! I love the new characters as well! I’m currently half way through and I can’t imagine how it’s going to end.