I’ve already shared some of my favorite bar accessories from our Bloomingdale’s wedding registry but today I’d love your help picking out items for our kitchen! Will’s mom, my mom, and Grandy (my mom’s mom) have all been super helpful in recommending their favorite kitchen items since this is neither my nor Will’s area of expertise. Thankfully Bloomingdale’s carries just about every  brand under the sun and has customer reviews on each item so I’ve been spending lots of time researching and would love your two cents!

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I think the thing I’m most excited about when it comes to registering for kitchen items is having things that actually match instead of a hodgepodge of cheap things from past apartments. I’m weirdly looking forward to having new pots and pans — and I even love the idea of a set of matching kitchen utensils (our current assortment is partly silver, some hot pink, a few black… not nearly as streamlined). And while I wouldn’t qualify them as a “need,” these lobster ice cube molds are pretty much too cute to resist. What is/was/would be your favorite kitchen item on your wedding registry? I’m excited to update ours with some of your recommendations!

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  1. Currently working on my wedding registries as well – so this post is right up my alley! Since my fiance & I moved into our new home, two items we are dying for are a TOASTER & a WAFFLE MAKER! I registered for both at Williams-Sonoma as we love their Breville brand!

  2. We are having a longer engagement but I have thought a little about what I’ll include on our registry and it will definitely include a set of great knives!

  3. My husband wanted a quality set of knives and we love the Henkel set we received. Another great item on our list was our set of metal prep bowls! We use them all the time. We already opened a stand mixer, but it was fun receiving some other attachments for it. I also registered for an assortment of kitchen linens like placemats, tablecloths, and runners. It’s nice to have a variety to put out for different occasions!

  4. The Vitamix from my wedding registry was one of my favorite new items–it is a game changer for smoothies, sauces and soups. I also highly recommend getting a really good set of knives, it’s incredible how much easier it makes prepping a meal. Two other great items: a high quality crock pot with a timer and a Nespresso that makes coffee & espresso. Happy registering! 🙂

  5. Oh, how I remember the excitement of picking out everything for our kitchen registry – 15 years ago now! We still use a lot of the items regularly, though some have been replaced over the years. My favorite item we received is one that doesn’t get used all that much, but it holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother gave us our Kitchen Aid mixer (in bright orange!). Her delicious desserts were infamous, and as a child she taught me how to bake as a way to entertain me on long afternoons. And though I really don’t bake a lot, every time I pull out the mixer I’m reminded of my grandmother and those baking lessons. Hmmm…maybe I’ll bakes something today… 😉

    The mixer really is a great addition to any kitchen, and the various attachments we’ve purchased for it over the years – pasta maker, meat grinder, spiralizer – are handy to have around as well. I’d totally recommend one in a bright color – it adds the perfect pop of happiness! Have fun picking out everything!

  6. Some of the best registry items have been the upgrades to our plates/flatware and new half and quarter sheet pans! Of course we’ve been excited about the big ticket items too like our stand mixer (Kitchenaid cobalt blue) and bread maker and food processor, but I think the smaller upgrades have been some of the best so far 🙂

  7. The Kitchen Aid mixer for sure! I’d avoid those things you *think* you may need for future fancier events and stick to the daily basics or items that you’ll use over and over for entertaining. I found some fish forks I registered for 9 years ago with their tags still on them this past year. Clearly those were super useful (also when I was I EVER going to use special forks to eat fish?!?!?!).

  8. Hands down, the best thing we put on our registry was high-quality knives. 21 years later they are still in pretty good shape. And my KitchenAid mixer is stil kicking. It has had to be overhauled once. I killed the motor making my Grandmas spaetzle. I could feel her tsk-tsking from the grave though…she bought me the KitchenAid, AND she always made spaetzle by hand. Lesson learned.