Happy Friday, friends! We’re off to Nantucket to do some work on my parents’ house. Actually that’s pretty much my plan for the entire summer. 😂 My bestie Ali, her husband Patrick, and their two pups are coming to stay with us for the month of July and I’m already counting down the days. Will will be coming out every weekend since his work schedule isn’t as flexible. We all figure we won’t always be able to pick up and work from anywhere so easily, so we might as well take advantage of this fun stage in our lives! It will be a full house with my brother Camden and his friend/honorary fifth Horan child Zach working on the island and various family members and friends coming and going as their work schedules allow… but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a little chaos!

I’m excited for July on the island when the water will be warm enough to swim during the day (I know most people would disagree and say the water is always freezing on Nantucket!) and go out for ice cream at night (though let’s be honest, I would stand in line for Juice Bar in the middle of a hail storm). Will and I always “argue” about the perfect temperature. Since he was raised in Texas, he’s totally used to the heat and says the perfect temperature is 85+ degrees. No thank you! Since I grew up in New England, I think the perfect weather is anywhere between 55 and 75 degrees — sweater weather, if you will. In any event, this outfit is perfect for my ideal temperature range and windy days on Nantucket (swapping out the heels for more casual footwear, of course). Tell me your ideal temperature in the comments and we’ll settle this once and for all. 😉

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover clare v flat clutch navy stripe manolo blahnik bb pumps camel suede

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover and clare v flat clutch with navy stripe

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover sweater

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover sweater on design darling

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover on design darling

milly cutout flare sleeve pullover and manolo blahnik bb pumps in camel suede

Milly cutout flare sleeve pullover (now on sale!)  //  J Brand white skinny jeans

Ray-Ban wayfarers  //  Clare V flat clutch  //  Manolo Blahnik BB pumps

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Halogen bell sleeve top or Soprano bell sleeve top  //  Old Navy white jeans

Amazon wayfarers  //  Clare V flat clutch on Rent The Runway  //  Sam Edelman pumps

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  1. I’m with Will on this one…the warmer, the better, as long as it’s low humidity and stays under around 95!

  2. My boyfriend and I always have the exact same debate! I grew up in DC so I’m with you on the 55-75 range. A sweater or a light jacket is the best! And he grew up in Florida so when it hit mid 80s early 90s last week he was loving it ( I was dying! ).

  3. I’m from Michigan and love a good 60-75 temperature. I’m with you on the sweater weather though! I always say my ideal outfit is shorts and a sweatshirt, or a sundress and a sweater!

  4. I completely agree with Will! I’m also born and raised in Texas, so 85 is rare after April, but 85-90 degrees with less than 50% humidity (a key factor in the heat) is perfect in my opinion.

  5. I’m from Chicago and now live in NYC, so I’m with you! upper fifties to mid seventies. I love a good 80s day every once in a while, but I couldn’t deal with it all year round!

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

  6. I agree with you 55-75 is the right temp! I live in Seattle and when it is over 80 we all go mad 🙀