I’m excited to share my summer bucket list! I know the start of summer is technically not until June 21, but after a drizzly Memorial Day weekend on Nantucket, I’m ready for some summer fun ASAP. This weekend I’m going to the Veuve Clicquot polo match with Ali and Amy and I know that will get me in a summer state of mind! It’s been forever since I went to a polo match (maybe since this post?!) so I’m excited to dress up, sip champagne, and pretend to watch the match. 😉

Below I’m sharing a summer bucket list of things I hope to do on Nantucket in the next few months! Of course this summer will be extra special no matter what since Will and I get married at the end of it!!! But I’m hoping to wrap up our wedding planning as much as possible, make lots of progress decorating my family’s house, and just have lots of fun in the process.

It will definitely be fun to go from working by myself 90% of the time to being surrounded by siblings and friends for most of the summer, especially since things like bike rides and picnics are a lot more fun with a big group! Do you have plans to do any of these activities this summer? And what else is on your summer bucket list? Do tell in the comments!

Design Darling Summer Bucket List Nantucket

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P.S. A few Nantucket sailing posts to bring on the summer feels here, here, here, and here!

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  1. I love watching fireworks on the Fourth of July with friends. I need to figure out what I’m doing for the Fourth of July. I love the festivity of the holiday. Bike rides on the beach during sunset are the best. As of right now, I’m not going to the beach this Summer. I definitely need to take sunset bike rides around my neighborhood.

  2. As someone who is going to be sailing everyday at camp for two months, my summer bucket list is not to get sun poisoning…, scope out some awesome places on Cape Cod in August, hopefully make in to Nantucket and find a full time job (not so fun, but necessary). Looks like you have a great summer ahead, Mackenzie!

  3. I think the lobster roll is a big decision and you’ll need to do A LOT of tasting 🙂

    Most of my bucket list is fun things to do with my kids to keep us all busy this summer, but I definitely have a few of the above for when we’re at the Cape. My in-laws live in Chatham & we’re going up twice this summer, so I think the lobster roll, fireworks (we’ll be there for the 4th), beach picnic and lots of ice cream are definitely on the list!

    I also want to visit Nantucket but not sure we’ll make it this summer. It’s been on my Cape bucket list but it would involve ditching the kids for a day so it’s been harder to work in!

  4. I’m putting together my summer bucket list right now, but at the top of it is skydiving! I turn 30 in July and celebrating with some of my closest friends out on Lake Michigan is up there too. I’m not sure which I’m more excited for! I think I might need to add skinny dipping because why not 🙃