I feel like a new person after we finally got a few days of sunshine in Connecticut! We are especially enjoying the warm weather now that we have a backyard in our new house. Our cockapoo Rory is quite possibly the happiest pup on the planet! He loooves playing fetch (these squeaky balls and this nerf gun are his favorites) and it’s so nice to be able to throw to him in the backyard vs. going to the park all the time. There’s an old Adirondack chair out there and I’ve spent a few evenings reading or working in the shade while he runs around the yard. Of course he’s happier when Will is home since he has a much better arm (you’ll see I pretty much only throw pop-ups 😂) but little does Rory know he’ll be getting lots of family time on Nantucket all summer! P.S. Will’s mom taught him how to high five and shake and I still think it’s the cutest thing in the world!

I haven’t gotten back into a good reading routine since our move (you know, almost six months ago 🙈) — I blame the fact that my iPhone 7 won’t sync with the Bluetooth in my car so I can’t listen to Audible while I drive (any ideas?!). In any event, Kate Schelter just sent me a copy of her new book Classic Style and I’ve been hanging on every word (and watercolor!). I purchased one of her tennis watercolors for Will’s birthday last year and would happily fill our home with her paintings if I could afford them all! Her musings on timeless style and all the accompanying illustrations are a true delight and the perfect companion for a warm summer evening. Congratulations, Kate!

design darling rory tricks

design darling cockapoo

classic style book design darling

design darling rory

design darling rory in adirondack chair

design darling rory backyard

classic style kate schelter on design darling

design darling backyard with rory

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  1. Mackenzie, I bought this book based on your recommendation. I’d love to see a blog post in which you mirror the “classics” pages described by Kate’s friends in the book! I love your taste and find those bits in the book so fascinating.

    Thanks for the book recommendation! xoxo

  2. I have been wanting her book! It’s at the top of my wish list!
    Also, have you tried a chuckit for throwing Rory’s balls? Makes throwing the ball much easier and it will go further. Works perfect with the kong tennis balls!

  3. Rory is SO adorable! Just like a living teddy bear.

    We are just starting to investigate getting a dog (well, maybe).

    And Rory has me thinking cockapoo is the way to go!

  4. Hi Mackenzie! My iPhone wouldn’t sync with my car’s bluetooth either when I got a new iPhone several months ago. It drove me crazy! I finally had to take my car in for service, and I asked them how to fix it. I knew it had to be something so small that I just couldn’t figure out. Try going into Settings on your phone, sliding Bluetooth to “on”, and clicking on the “info circle” on the right. Once you click that, make sure “Sync Contacts” and “Show Notifications” are both on. That did the trick for my bluetooth! I have a Rav4, and it reads me my text messages while I drive. That’s what wasn’t working for me. My apps, like iTunes and Audible were okay. If it’s just Audible that’s not working, you may want to try deleting the app from your phone and reinstalling it. I’ve had that problem with Instagram. Good luck!!

    1. Carly, thank you so much for this response! I am going to try it this afternoon. Sadly the problem is the same with music, calls, etc. as it is with Audible. Fingers crossed!!!