We had such a productive weekend on Nantucket! In addition to helping my aunts and uncles open Grandy’s house on the island, we made a ton of progress on my parents’ house. It’s not exactly the glamorous type of progress (I’m counting down until install day!) but more the grunt work that has to be done to pave the way for more fun progress down the road: painting window frames (my mom and dad’s jobs), moving furniture (my brother and fiancé’s jobs), and cutting in around doors/windows/light switches/trim before painting with a roller (my job). I thought I’d share some (not-so-pretty) progress photos to at least show you the direction we’re heading in!

design darling nantucket house decorating

This is the upstairs hallway where I worked most of my magic this weekend. 😉 It looks like maybe an hour of work but I swear cutting in around all those door frames was no joke! We’re replacing the yellow paint (which is currently in nearly every room of the house) with a bright white and even just the little bit that we’ve done has made a world of difference. This runner will also be replaced with a jute style that’s a little more summery and my super handy sister Reilly is replacing the extremely janky flush mount lighting (already partially dismantled above) with a simple style that’s more in keeping with the style of the house.

design darling nantucket house painting

The upstairs hallway runs into the stairwell which runs into the living room… which means yellow on yellow on yellow. We have our work cut out for us this summer for sure!

design darling nantucket house before pictures

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents bought the house fully furnished fifteen years ago. Factor in the wear and tear of four kids, two dogs, and an endless revolving door of friends and guests and there are more than a few pieces that are ready for an update! These window treatments in the living room came down first thing and the room already looks so much more modern without them.

design darling nantucket decorating

The dining area is right off the kitchen, which is getting all new appliances (does this sound like an episode of House Hunters?) and a new backsplash. We’re keeping the dining table, chandelier, and artwork but getting new chairs, painting the walls white, and taking down the window treatment. We actually don’t really need curtains since the hedges outside offer privacy from the neighbors so we’re thinking about just leaving the windows bare and letting all the light in.

design darling nantucket house before pics

Two of the upstairs bedrooms are this pale blue color, which we’ll also be painting white. We’ve already ordered new bedding, new lamps, and a new rug for the master and plan to do the same for the other bedrooms as well. You can see the color of the wood floors in here which I’m very excited to be updating with a new stain my parents and I picked out this weekend.

design darling nantucket house before photos

This twin bedroom at the end of the hallway is getting a king bed, a fresh coat of paint, new bedding, new artwork, and a new rug. I’m excited to show you guys everything we’ve been picking out! My mom and I tend to agree on 99% of decor choices — I swear I become more like her every day.

design darling nantucket house floor stain

Floor stain options! It was hard to get a good picture but we went with option #1, which also happens to be the darkest. I think bright white walls and dark wood floors will instantly bring the house out of the 90s and into 2017. Plus I think it’s going to give some of the existing furnishings a new lease on life!

design darling nantucket house paint

Once the floors are sanded and stained (hopefully by the end of next week!), we’ll stain the banisters to match the new floors. And then the fun part will begin! In July we’ll continue painting the interior (and exterior!) and start bringing in new furniture and decor. I can’t wait to share more!


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  1. Where did they get their jute rug from? I’ve been looking for one that isn’t too rough, but it’s hard if you can’t feel it first!

  2. Great post! So excited to see the updates y’all will be making. It sounds like it’s going to look so bright, clean, and lovely.

  3. We are redoing our floors too & I am having the hardest time figuring out if I want to go super dark or more of a light gray wash. Really like the dark you picked-do you know if it has a name?
    Thanks for your help! Really enjoy your Instagram. We just moved to Connecticut from California & I love your style!

    1. Hi Emily! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you — per the flooring company, the stain is called Ebony. The swatch is beautiful in person and everything should be dry by this Friday so I’ll be sure to take more pictures!

  4. Could you please provide the name and brand of the pale blue paint? Love them so much. About to paint my new house. Thank you.

  5. i love seeing the progress and can’t wait to witness the finished product! the dark stain and crisp white walls will be the perfect blank canvas.

    however, i’ll never forget the yellow fish room and the twin blue room <3 #memories

  6. I love this post! When we moved into our new house we also left our downstairs windows bare, so I’m excited you all might do the same!