1. 15 bridesmaids’ gift ideas. What’s the best one you’ve received?!
  2. A look at one of my favorite bloggers’ everyday products.
  3. Caroline looks adorable in this all pink outfit.
  4. Finally! A packable straw hat that won’t lose its shape in your suitcase.
  5. Four things I love from Shopbop: affordable straw bags, Milly gingham, statement tops, and a ton of pieces from this brand.
  6. Has anyone tried this trick to fall asleep faster?
  7. Loved reading about Jess’s morning routine.
  8. Obsessed with this under $50 tiered top.
  9. Outfit inspiration for your next beach trip.
  10. Seven steps to happiness.
  11. So inspired by Hallie’s wellness journey.


From Design Darling this week:

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