Mixing it up and sharing a little outfit inspiration for the boys today! I love Will in gingham (in fact, he was wearing a pink gingham shirt in his picture when I swiped right) and he pretty much lives in this Jack Mason watch (which looks so much more expensive than it is!) and these Sperry boat shoes (when he’s not wearing his signature cowboy boots anyway). This gingham shirt from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop is only $50, comes in a bunch of colors, and is wrinkle-resistant, making it perfect for both days at the office and road tripping on the weekend. I also just ordered him these bright turquoise shorts and love the way they look with his go-to accessories. When it comes to pants and shorts for guys, I say the brighter the better! The best part is everything he’s wearing here is available at my beloved Nordstrom, meaning free shipping and free returns for you and the men in your life. 🙌🏼

On an unrelated note, we are loving the Seastreak ferry from New Bedford to Nantucket. Growing up, we would always drive from Darien to Hyannis and sit in tons of traffic on Cape Cod. Then for the past two years, we’d have to fly in from Dallas, basically using trains, planes, and automobiles to spend a measly 36 hours on the island. But now we just drive from Greenwich to New Bedford, usually with zero traffic, and the parking situation is so much less of a scramble. The boat is two hours instead of one (and if we’re bringing a car across, we still need to drive to Hyannis) but for a weekend trip, it’s like an answer to my childhood prayers. 😂

peter millar shorts design darling

gingham shirt turquoise shorts design darling

jack mason nautical chronograph nato strap watch design darling

design darling rory

design darling nordstrom men's peter millar

navy perry boat shoes design darling

Nordstrom Men’s Shop gingham dress shirt  //  Peter Millar twill shorts (also love these, these, and these)

Polo baseball cap (similar)  //  Tucker Blair needlepoint belt (similar)  //  Jack Mason watch  //  Sperry boat shoes

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  1. Pro tip: stop by Tia Maria’s European Cafe before you get on the ferry in New Bedford! Adorable cafe with great coffee and delicious pastries (lots of Portuguese kinds, in addition to the standards) – we never regret it! 🙂

  2. Thank you always for partnering with Nordstrom!

    Seeing Will’s belt reminds me– what do you think of Tucker Blair’s new Amazon-only direction?

    1. I was so surprised to hear that news! As longtime customers of the brand, we’re certainly sad to see it downsize, but I’m glad it will still be available in select retailers. The Amazon decision is probably the most surprising part of the story to me as I don’t think of the average Amazon shopper (looking for the lowest price, fastest shipping, etc.) as being the type to purchase such an heirloom item. Would love to hear your thoughts!