You’ve already seen what’s on my bedside table but today I’m excited to share our new art prints and monogrammed bedding! I was so excited when Matouk reached out about sending me new bedding with our married monogram, especially after my friend Amy told me it was the softest bedding she’s ever slept on. I’ve always admired their monogrammed shams on Instagram and Pinterest and was so excited to see our initials in one of their signature appliqué styles!

I had the hardest time narrowing down my favorite style from their assortment. I wish I could have one of everything! I ultimately decided on the Matouk Lowell style, crisp white bedding with a simple navy border that coordinates with our headboard. I ordered the Lowell style on a duvet cover, a flat sheet, two Euro shams, two king shams, and two standard shams and then personalized the Euro shams and standard shams with an appliqué monogram in the diamond style. I legitimately squealed when I opened the package and saw our monogram for the first time! And I can now safely say this is the nicest bedding I’ll ever own — unbelievably soft, absolutely gorgeous, and just a delight to climb into every night. Matouk bedding is definitely an investment, but even a couple monogrammed shams could completely transform a plain bedroom!

Once we had our new bedding squared away, I knew I needed to find something for above the bed. I assumed we’d hang the same mirror above our bed that we’d had in our Dallas bedroom, but our ceilings are much lower in this bedroom and there really wasn’t enough room for the mirror on top of our headboard without things looking really crowded. So I scoured all my usual art sources and went with three prints from one of my tried-and-true favorite photographers, Slim Aarons. I would cover my whole house in them (and let’s be honest, I’m well on the way). I had dozens of favorites (I order mine from but narrowed it down based on what colors would brighten up our navy headboard and how the three prints would look hanging next to one another. I love that this trio has a beach moment in the center but also brings in a little green to the largely blue and white room.

design darling slim aarons prints and matouk lowell bedding

design darling matouk bedding

matouk lowell bedding with applique monogram on design darling

matouk applique monogram bedding and slim aarons prints on design darling

matouk lowell bedding

design darling monogrammed bedding matouk

matouk lowell bedding on design darling

design darling slim aarons prints and matouk applique monogrammed bedding

matouk lowell bedding and applique diamond monogram

matouk lowell bedding design darling

design darling matouk monogrammed bedding

a duvet cover //  Matouk sheets and shams c/o

Slim Aarons Family Pool  //  Slim Aarons Boating in Antigua  //  Slim Aarons The Romanones

Blue and white vase  //  Sleepy Jones piped pajama set  //  Kate Spade striped mug


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  1. Mackenzie, I love your interior posts. I’m definitely planning to use this decor as the foundation of the inspiration for my next bedroom. In fact, I ordered some similar bedding just today! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very pretty! Does this wedding monogram mean you’ll be changing your last name? (Or am I reading too much into it? haha). I changed my last name, but find it an intriguing topic these days since it’s not a given as it used to be in the past. My sister hyphenated and many of my girlfriends simply kept their maiden names. Anyway, might be an interesting post idea to share your thought process on that! 🙂

    1. Love that idea for a post! I’m still undecided (as Will’s last name is 13 letters long!) but as a monogram addict I can’t help but want to combine our initials! I’ll definitely keep that in mind 🙂 xoxo

      1. I ended up changing my maiden name to my middle name and then took my husband’s last name! I had a lot of reasons for wanting to take his last name, but still felt torn over the thought of losing my maiden name and this seemed like a happy medium that was easier than hyphenating. It helped not only sentimentally, but also made the name change process easier for any non-government places to prove I was the same person.

        Just a thought if you’re undecided! It’s always nice to have options, and I know you’ll choose what works best for you 🙂