I recently discovered The Home Edit on Instagram and immediately went down the rabbit hole oohing and ahhing over their clients’ exquisitely organized closets, kitchens, and offices. We still have unpacked boxes in our house from our move more than six months ago and finding this digital treasure trove of organization inspiration was like the kick in the butt I didn’t know I needed. As you know, I’ll be on Nantucket in the remaining weeks leading up to our wedding and honeymoon in September, but come fall I can’t wait to kick off a major organizational kick in every drawer, nook, and cranny of our house. Who’s with me?!

Unfortunately for my wallet, I think this organizational effort is going to start with a costly trip to the Container Store. I’m such a sucker for acrylic anything and clearly the ladies behind The Home Edit share my obsession. But if it means my house could look half as good as any of these?! Beyond worth it. I think what interests me the most is that The Home Edit team seem to do as much styling as they do organizing — there’s such a sense of calm and order in each of their completed projects. Scroll down for lots of organization inspiration (I’ll be putting them on my Pinterest for future reference) and acrylic accessories to get you started.

organized pantry the home edit

beauty product organization the home edit

organized shoe closet the home edit

organized pantry shelves the home edit

color coded pantry the home edit

colorful organized closet the home edit

organized beauty products the home edit

organized pantry with baskets the home edit

organized fridge with acrylic containers the home edit

organized kitchen cabinets the home edit

organized entertaining closet the home edit

organized office closet the home edit

organized office supplies the home edit

organized first aid kit the home edit

organized pantry with labeled jars the home edit

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How thrilled would you be if every space of your home looked like this? I think the area I most struggle with in our house is the bathroom — my medicine cabinet is always overflowing with untested samples and is practically begging for a new storage solution. Seeing all these perfectly organized beauty products made me green with envy! I already have this for makeup brushes and lipsticks and this for my most used skincare products, but I’d love to add a bunch of these under the sink for hair products and several of these to store samples I’ve been meaning to try.

P.S. Five takeaways from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — clearly I’ve been craving a little organization in my life this year. 😉

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  1. Oh my word, I have never seen such beautiful organization in my life. This gives me all the feels and lots of heart eyes. I have already flipped over to Insta to give them a follow!

  2. Gosh, I’m obsessing over her organization skills! Love the hand-script on all of the labels, and I love the white-washed look of the photos 🙂

    I’m always so much more productive when I take the time to organize!

  3. I discovered the Home Edit IG account a few months ago and have been drooling over their organization solutions ever since!

  4. SO glad someone shares my obsession with the Home Edit. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but there is nothing I love more than organization! Can’t wait to see your tips and tricks this fall!

  5. I’m obsessed! My roommate and I just moved to new apartment and this is the organization I’m craving.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Before going wild at the container store, I suggest looking at other places for storage boxes. Do you have a daiso near you? Everything is $1.50 and they have great storage boxes. Some of my favorites are from there! Also target has some nice boxes that look far more expensive than they are! Good luck!