1 design darling nantucket sitting room overstock alice traditional roll arm sofa palimar sisal rope and glass mirror

Last week I shared the decorating plans for our sitting room and I’m so excited to share the before and after with you today! It’s amazing how much this room has been transformed with two fresh coats of paint and bright new furniture that complements the rest of the house. This was probably the least lived in room in the house before we redecorated but now it’s become a cozy spot for an afternoon nap or an evening round of Heads Up. The before and after is pretty dramatic if I do say so myself!

Let’s not spend too much time on the before picture because, well, it’s a little depressing! I don’t mind a red dress or a red lipstick but red walls and a red chair were completely overwhelming in this small space. Add in a dark blue sofa and a dark blue rug and there was nothing beachy or bright about it! So we either donated or moved all the furniture to the basement and started from scratch with new pieces courtesy of Overstock. You could easily spend days browsing their furniture and decor offerings (a girl’s gotta have options) but I’m so happy with the pieces we wound up choosing and extremely grateful at how quickly they arrived!

2 design darling nantucket sitting room overstock alice traditional roll arm sofa palimar sisal rope and glass mirror safavieh pillow top ottoman

Let there be light! My mom and I chose Behr’s Charter Blue, a chambray-esque hue that keeps this space feeling cozy and intimate but that’s much more our style than all that red. Then we kept the furniture light and bright, starting with this dreamy roll arm sofa in crisp white linen. My dad says it’s his new favorite seat in the house, so I guess we’re all pleased with it!

3 overstock convenience concepts oxford 5 tier bookcase

Opposite the sofa is this chic bookcase. I love the X detailing on the sides and the fact that it adds a little architectural interest to a plain rectangular room. Right now it’s housing books, board games, and a few odds and ends, but it’s not so tall that we couldn’t add a TV to the wall above it if we decide we’re missing one in this room.

4 overstock palimar sisal rope and glass mirror alice traditional roll arm sofa safavieh pillow top ottoman

I’m a big fan of natural textures like jute, sisal, and wicker, particularly in a home so close to the beach! This jute rug is the steal of the century and immediately brightened up this tiny room. I love that the side tables came with these woven baskets (perfect for keeping mail, TV remotes, etc. out of sight) that complement the texture of the rug.

5 safavieh pillow top ottomanI wasn’t sure about this cream colored ottoman next to the white sofa but the space gets so much light that I think we can totally get away with it! This is a totally classic piece that could work with any number of styles, but here it’s a comfy spot to kick your feet up… and still sturdy enough for a game of Scrabble.

6 overstock palimar sisal rope and glass mirror safavieh pillow top ottoman

The room used to have a massive map above the sofa, but I knew we’d want a pretty mirror to reflect all the light that hits the front of the house. This round sisal mirror feels nautical without being too thematic, and it’s seriously huge in person! I’m proud to say Ali and I managed to hang it ourselves. 🙂

7 overstock alice traditonal roll arm sofa on design darling

Obviously we chose to keep the furniture and decor very light in color to contrast with the blue walls and I think it totally works! These white gourd lamps are such a classic shape and I love the way they pop against the fresh coat of paint.

8 overstock two drawer storage unit and abbyson camden gourd white table lamp

You can see in the reflection here that my mom had a brilliant idea for salvaging the window treatments you can see in the before picture. Both of us love a good stripe, but we couldn’t stand the cheesy nautical flags and tassel from the previous look. My mom grabbed an exacto knife to see if we could salvage the striped part, et voilà! They’re hardly a work of art but this decision saved a bunch of money and makes the room feel more finished. I love how the striped pillows play off the striped pelmet boxes!

9 design darling rory

Clearly I’m not the only one who loves how this room turned out. Rory is such a ham when I’m taking pictures — people always ask if I pose him for shots like this one and honestly the answer is no! He literally will not get out of my way when I have the camera out inside our house. If only he had the temperament to model professionally. 🙂

10 overstock x bookcase

I think I’ve purchased ten copies of Gray Malin’s book Beaches. I met him at a book signing in Dallas and got to hang with him and his hubby during their trip here in July! His photographs are downright dreamy.

11 safavieh pillow top ottoman overstock alice traditional roll arm sofa

We’ll probably add another armchair in the corner where the red chair used to be but for now we’re all just enjoying the fresh look! It’s amazing to me that we pulled this off with $2,700 in pieces from Overstock. A new sofa, bookcase, ottoman, two end tables, two lamps, a mirror, and a rug… pretty incredible!

12 overstock alice traditional roll arm sofa in white

I also love the woven trim on the throw pillows — just one more subtle way to tie in the rug, end tables, and mirror. And of course no room reveal would be complete without a hydrangea or two from outside! It’s pretty to drive up to the house and see this room through the windows — the blue wall with the mirror is just through the windows behind the hydrangea bushes out front!

13 design darling nantucket sitting room

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this third room reveal (first two here and here) and will stay tuned for a few more in the weeks to come. Many thanks to Overstock for helping us get these pretty pieces in time for our wedding weekend — I couldn’t recommend their wide assortment or speedy shipping more highly!

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  1. So lovely! Did you use any protectant on the white sofa and ottoman? I love all white everything so I just got a white sectional, but I’m a bit worried about how I’m going to keep it clean from everyday dirt and dust. 🙃

  2. I am loving all of the reveals. You and your mom and friends are doing a great job. I cant wait to see more rooms. At the end of the reveals could you do a post with pictures of all the rooms to show us how they all flow together. Best wishes for your coming wedding! I am sure it will be a wonderful weekend.

  3. Gorgeous transformation! I can’t believe how different the pelmet boxes look with just the top layer removed. So modern and chic! A vase of orangey-red tulips would match perfectly. Can’t wait to see the rest of the renovations!