I’m so excited for this week because my sister Reilly and brother Grayson arrive on Nantucket today! For the past couple weeks it’s been me, Ali, my brother Camden, and his friend Zach (plus Will and sometimes my parents on the weekends!) and it will be awesome to have all four siblings under one roof again. I can’t wait for a bunch of group dinners and to hear all about everyone’s summer adventures. Family time = happy heart. 💙

Speaking of things that make me happy, you already know I’m loving all white outfits in these final weeks of summer. I found this top on the new-to-me site Need Supply (have I been living under a rock?!) and thought it was adorable, especially for $55! The quality is surprisingly good in person, though it’s definitely a little sheer (but nothing my favorite strapless bra can’t fix). I also scored this dress from their site that I’ll be wearing to my bridesmaids’ luncheon the day before our wedding — I thought it’d just be a cute piece to have for dinners out but Ali and my dad thought it was so cute I decided to save it for a bigger occasion!

kenneth jay lane triple tier drop earrings pink

milly small wicker satchel on design darling

need supply syracuse top and milly small wicker satchel on design darling

design darling all white outfit

kenneth jay lane triple tier drop earrings in pink design darling

design darling all white outfit kenneth jay lane triple tier drop earrings in pink milly small wicker satchel

Need Supply top (worn with this strapless bra)  //  J Brand jeans

Ray-Ban clubmasters (similar for less)  //  Kenneth Jay Lane drop earrings

Milly wicker satchel  //  Loeffler Randall scalloped wedges

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  1. Hi Mackenzie- I see there were 6 comments on this post and you only allowed 2 through.. why would my post about the Stelen brand be censored? It is very unethically made, without getting into nitty gritty details on a public forum. I always considered you an authentic blogger- wanting full disclosure and truth about the products you use. Was I incorrect?

    1. Hi Caroline! I just responded to your Instagram comment about this as well. I wish you’d given me more of a chance before leaping to this conclusion — I was with my family all day yesterday (I mentioned in this post that my brother and sister were coming to town) and just approved comments left yesterday within the past hour. I have comment approval set up to prevent spam comments and am not always able to approve comments right as they come in. I hope you’ll understand!

  2. I worked for Need Supply for quite a bit. Unfortunately Stelen and Farrow are brands that only they carry and are very poorly and unethically made. They are marked up 300%. While Need Supply does carry reputable brands, please reconsider when buying Stelen and Farrow (It appears you purchased a lot of Stelen unfortunately). Sorry to be a bummer- I would just want the same information passed along to me!

  3. Need Supply is based in Richmond, Virginia, where I go to college. So cool to see you feature a local brand!