design darling nantucket bathroom before and after

I hope you’ve been enjoying all our decorating progress in my family’s house on Nantucket! So far I’ve shared a guest bedroom, an upstairs bathroom, and the sitting room and today I’m excited to share pictures of the powder room downstairs. This is actually another full bathroom (not technically a powder room) but I honestly don’t think anyone has ever used this shower because we all use the outdoor shower, rain or shine! But since this will be the primary bathroom our guests use during the welcome party the night before our wedding, we wanted to give it a fresh look with new wallpaper, a fresh coat of paint on the mirror, new towels, and new artwork. And I don’t know if it’s weird to say a bathroom is my favorite room in the whole house, but I’m just obsessed with the way it turned out!

design darling nantucket bathroom

But first, the before picture. I don’t know where the previous homeowners’ obsession with yellow came from, but I swear it became our mission this summer to erase it from every room in the house. (Seriously, it was in the bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room.) The wallpaper was dated and the nautical trim at the top certainly wasn’t helping matters. It’s crazy how much we transformed this little space!

design darling bathroom wallpaper

design darling bathroom blue and white wallpaper

Will and I stripped the wallpaper (only to find more yellow paint underneath…) and my mom and Aunt Jill hung this gorgeous blue and white wallpaper from Peter Fasano. You already saw one of his patterns in our upstairs bathroom and I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite between the two. This Jaya wallpaper combines classic blue and white stripes (a forever favorite) with a more playful block print that I just can’t get enough of. It’s incredible how light and bright it makes this space feel!

design darling nantucket bathroom with peter fasano jaya wallpaper

design darling nantucket decorating

Another thing you might have noticed in the before picture was the choice to pair the yellow walls with a silver mirror. Yuuuck. I gave it a fresh coat of white paint in our backyard and this quick fix was all it needed!

ack v hamps prints on design darling

design darling nantucket lightship basket art print

ack v hamps art prints on design darling

The art prints in the before picture featured images from different calendar months, ranging from espadrilles for summer to ghosts and pumpkins for fall. They never felt quite right for a summer house, so I was thrilled when the artist behind ACK v. Hamps reached out about sending a few prints from his collection. Inspired by a playful rivalry between Nantucket and the Hamptons, these summery art prints are the cherry on top of this bright new bathroom. There are so many more I want for our house in Greenwich (the beach cruiser, the boat toteGardiner’s Cornerthe Nantucket reds, the rose-covered cottagethese seashells…) but I ultimately went with the Juice Bar waffle cone (because our family goes approximately 5 nights a week), the Nantucket lightship basket (my mom just passed hers down to me at my bridal shower!), and the Jack Rogers sandal (one of my summer wardrobe staples!). Love love love love love.

peter fasano jaya wallpaper in blue and white

peter fasano jaya wallpaper

design darling candlefish candle and peter fasano jaya wallpaper in blue and white

Last but not least, the little details. I love a pretty hand soap and this candle is a fun souvenir from a family outing to Candlefish during our Christmas in Charleston this past year. And I already shared these piped bath towels from Pine Cone Hill in the upstairs bathroom — we were lucky that they sent enough for both baths!

design darling nantucket bathroom blue and white wallpaper

design darling nantucket lightship basket and jack rogers ack v hamps prints

Peter Fasano Jaya wallpaper c/o

Juice Bar art print c/o  //  Nantucket lightship basket art print c/o  //  Jack Rogers art print c/o

Similar mirror  //  Pine Cone Hill bath towels c/o  //  Target navy bath mat

Hand soap  //  Candlefish candle  //  Lobster matches

Coming soon are room reveals for the living room, kitchen, and dining room — stay tuned! xx



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  1. Ooo I LOVE this wallpaper and I love Candlefish. My friends and I did the candle making workshop as part of my bachelorette weekend and now I always stock up when I’m home. My husband and I smelled all 100 in their library a couple weeks ago and narrowed the list way down to our favorites haha.

  2. The comments about the yellow house made me LOL. I just bought a house where EVERYTHING was yellow. Walls, ceilings, closets….EVERYTHING. Who paints ceilings yellow?! I’m slowly working my way through repainting but until we complete some renovations, I’ll have a constant reminder that once there was a sale on yellow paint in Philadelphia. 🙂