You guys, our wedding is in ten days! It feels like we’ve been engaged forever (twenty months!) but the last few months have flown by and I just can’t believe we’re so close. Everyone keeps asking me if everything’s finished so I thought I’d do an update on where we stand with just ten days until we get married!

design darling wedding jumpsuit by katie fong collection

{Sneak peek of the Katie Fong jumpsuit I’m changing into for our after party}

I have to say it’s unbelievable the number of things that pile up right at the end. Collecting RSVPs, finalizing seating arrangements, assembling welcome boxes, fitting in final alterations, pressing napkins, doing walk-throughs at each venue, stalking the weather forecast… No matter how much I told myself I had endless time to be organized and plan ahead, there are some things that just have to wait until the last month and that makes for a rather crazy final few weeks!

design darling sconset chapel nantucket

{The chapel where we’re getting married… hopefully on a sunnier day!}

I’m so thankful to have been out on Nantucket this summer (so much less stressful than planning from afar!) and to have the help of Caroline from Milly & Grace Weddings (whose sister I met when I worked at the Ralph Lauren store on the island circa age 16 — such a small world!). I feel more organized with each passing day and I definitely get more excited the more things we cross off our joint to do list.

design darling wedding invitations

{Part of our wedding invitations}

Our family and friends start to arrive early next week and I’m excited to spend the final few days before the wedding spending quality time with them and taking it easy before the big day. I have a few beauty appointments (mani/pedi, eyelash extensions, etc.) in the days leading up to the wedding but other than that I think we’ll be in great shape.

design darling sconset foot bridge

{The route our guests will walk from the chapel to our reception… thank goodness the foot bridge is finally open again!}

It seems like forever ago that we found my wedding dresstook our engagement photos, sent our save-the-dates, shopped for bridesmaids’ dresses, had my bachelorette party, mailed our invitations, and started planning our honeymoon and I know it will all be worth it when I get to finally call Will my husband! Thank you all for your lovely words and well wishes during this exciting time in our lives. I cannot wait to share the magic with all of you! xoxo

P.S. How we met. 🙂


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  1. Very exciting times! Since you are close to your wedding date, I want to pass along the most important piece of advice: put someone in charge of making you a to-go box of food for after the reception!! I didn’t get to eat a bite at my reception, and it was at a culinary center! I was so disappointed to not have leftovers to take back to the hotel as I was starving by the time we were done. We even tried to stop at the Taco Bell drive thru on the way- we were that hungry!

  2. I don’t know how you manage to re-decorate your parents’ home, plan every detail for your wedding, AND FIX YOUR HAIR AND CLOTHES everyday to perfection! Do you ever just put your beautiful red hair in a ponytail and wear a t-shirt and shorts?? My hair isn’t as long as yours and I go swimming almost every day and I can’t stand blow drying it !!!
    You are amazing! What will you do when your wedding and honeymoon are over?

    1. You are so sweet! But I definitely do not get dolled up every day! In fact, most days this summer I’ve been in painting clothes 🙂 And I did get a keratin treatment at the beginning of the summer that’s pretty much eliminated the need for a blow dryer. After the wedding and honeymoon I plan to take a very long nap 😉 Thank you so much for the kind words — you totally made my day!

  3. So exciting – congratulations to you and Will! I am sure you will cherish these last few days leading up to all of the fun. Regarding your honeymoon – it would be amazing if you’d do a follow-up post on what you have decided to bring on the trip. I’m heading to Africa for safari as well in November and there’s quite a lack of great content out there regarding what to bring, so I’d love to hear more of your plan given that it’s coming up so soon! Have fun!

    1. That’s definitely the plan! I’m going to start packing the week after our wedding and will plan to have it live before you leave in November 🙂 If you have any tips or tricks, I’m all ears!

  4. I love your wedding Wednesday posts! Now that I am recently engaged 😉 I’ll have to go back and reread some of the old ones.

    I can’t wait to see photos from the actual wedding. Have a blast!