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{the wedding shoes of my dreams… literally}

I can’t believe this is my final Wedding Wednesday post before our wedding this weekend! That means all future wedding posts will be photos of our actual wedding as opposed to inspiration shots and progress pics. Ahhh! I couldn’t be more excited to marry Will and to share all the details we’ve been working on for the past year and a half. (If you want to know where each of our wedding events is taking place, you can read about that here!) We so appreciate all of the well wishes leading up to our big day!

I wrote a post a few months ago about my search for the perfect pair of wedding shoes and, while I’d planned to keep them a secret, I decided to share the pair I ultimately chose since you’ll be seeing them in a few days anyway and I know a surprising number of you are planning your own weddings right now! And there’s a funny little saga that goes along with finding the perfect pair. 🙂

A funny little story about the wedding shoes I chose… I’m a shoe girl through and through, but I’m extra excited about this pair for several reasons. When I first talked to my mom about what shoes we both envisioned with my dress, we dreamt up a pair of ivory satin pumps with a big bow around the ankle, completely in our imaginations and before we had seen anything like them. In fact, when we started shopping for wedding shoes (over a year ago now!), we couldn’t find anything remotely similar to this pair of shoes we’d conjured up in our heads. And it was extra funny because they were actually quite similar to the pair of shoes I’d dreamt up for my first blog redesign back in 2011.

So earlier this summer, she and I found this pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps at the Saks shoe salon off Greenwich Avenue and fell in love. I hadn’t been planning on wearing navy shoes with my dress (and was worried they’d read as black under the shadow of my dress), but the silhouette was so simple and pretty and almost ballerina-esque. I liked them much more than anything else I’d seen or tried on, so I bought them on the spot and crossed “find wedding shoes” off my to do list.

manolo blahnik umice suede crisscross pumps in navy blue

{the runners up}

Then a couple months ago, I was doing my routine stalking of Nordstrom’s new arrivals and lo and behold, there they were: the exact pair of shoes my mom and I had imagined, available as an actual shoe and not just as a thought bubble in our brains. I freaked out and texted her (plus five or six girlfriends for good measure) and was all set to forget about the navy shoes in favor of the shoes I’d really wanted from the moment I’d found my dress. But then, as fate would have it, the shoes were only available for pre-order, scheduled to ship two months after our wedding date (quite the painful news after a twenty-month engagement!).

I decided it wasn’t meant to be and went back to the plan of wearing the pretty navy shoes I’d picked out with my mom. But then, with three weeks until our wedding, I decided to check out the dream shoes one more time… and you guys, they were suddenly in stock, in my size only. Now I’m not a person who just casually drops $900 on a pair of shoes, but if that’s not fate, I don’t know what is! Even Will agreed I had to have them (he called it the end of an eighteen-month quest haha).

So I had the dream shoes shipped to Nantucket and tried them on with a swatch from my wedding dress and (unfortunately for my wallet) they were absolutely perfect. I’ll admit they’re not the most comfortable shoes I’ll ever wear, but my Grandy always says “for style, you have to suffer”… and, let’s be honest, I’m no stranger to putting my feet through hell in favor of pretty shoes. I couldn’t return the original pair as I’d already worn them to a handful of dance lessons, but they’re so comfortable and classic I know I’ll be able to get great use of them for many years after our wedding.

In any event, they’re now available in a number of colors and sizes at Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net-a-PorterBarneys, and Bergdorf Goodman, and I just wanted to share my silly little shoe saga that ultimately came to a happy conclusion (and probably me dancing barefoot by the end of our wedding reception). If you’re looking for dreamy/crazy gorgeous/slightly uncomfortable but completely stunning wedding shoes (or just statement shoes for all kinds of fabulous events!), I didn’t want to hold out on you.

Feel free to follow our wedding weekend festivities on Instagram @mackenziehoran and with hashtag #missnewbeutty (for Will’s last name, Beuttenmuller, which I’ll be spelling out for the rest of my life 😉 ). We know we are incredibly lucky to celebrate this milestone with our closest family and friends, but as the lovely ladies who read Design Darling (and who make my livelihood possible!), you have all become part of this joyous time in our lives and I just can’t wait to relive all our favorite moments right here in the months to come. xx

P.S. In case you’re curious: a few of the (many, many) other pairs of wedding shoes I tried on:

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  1. Finding the right shoe is paramount to enjoying a great night out. We have all been out on an amazing night – like your wedding night for example – and everything is going amazing but your feet are killing you because your shoes are so uncomfortable and you do your best to ignore the pain and keep a smile on your face…? Thank you for this article. Hopefully, soon, a world of fashion and comfort will emerge and people will no longer have to pretend to be comfortable.

  2. I was going through a similar hunt for the perfect shoe for my upcoming wedding. Like you, I am a shoe girl and was determined to find the prettiest shoes to go with my absolutely gorgeous dress. Unfortunately, despite months of looking, I couldn’t find a pair of shoes that I truly loved.

    A few weekends ago I was having brunch with two of my girlfriends and I told them about my struggle to find the perfect shoe. One of my friends whipped out her phone and pulled up your blog post. There it was – the PERFECT shoe.

    I was in love and immediately started to stalk them online. Unfortunately, I was a year too late. These beauties were no longer available anywhere.

    After a few weeks of hunting I finally resigned myself to the reality that I would have to find another shoe for my wedding. I ordered a few pairs but none of them came close to my dream shoe.

    Yesterday I went to my first dress fitting. Needless to say, the seamstress was not happy that I didn’t have my shoes with me. Since I was already at Saks I decided to head over to the shoe department and take a look around. They were having a sale, but it’s nearly impossible to find bridal shoes on sale.

    As I perused the displays I told my friend, Dana, of the perfect shoes I had seen, but couldn’t find anywhere. We continued to wander the floor and happened upon a small display over in a corner.

    There it was! The perfect shoe. Even more beautiful in person than it was in pictures. I picked it up off of the display, turned it over and saw it was my size!! The very last pair. And, of course, I bought them on the spot.

    I am so beyond thrilled. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t bring myself to take them off!

    Thank you so much for finding them and sharing them with us! They are PERFECT.


    P.S. ‘Ray Bucknell!!

  3. Ok question- what are your thoughts on wearing ivory shoes with a white dress? My dress is floor length, shoes won’t be visible, but still….
    My dress is pure white and white shoes are somewhat hard to find!

    1. Ooh that’s tough! You could see my shoes through the slit in my dress so it was important to me that they be a pretty close color match. But if you can’t see them I’d say go for it!

  4. Oh my gosh what a story!! I’m so glad you found your dream shoe. Those will be such a treasure in your shoe collection for the rest of time!

  5. My thoughts… Girl, it’s YOUR special day – get the shoes!!!

    Wishing you and Will the most beautiful wedding day and all the happiness in the years to follow! xoxo

  6. What! These are amazing!!! Can’t wait to see the whole look this weekend! Have the most wonderful time xxxxx

  7. These are gorgeous and totally meant to be! I wore a pair of green (my signature color) heels to my ceremony and changed into flip flops for the reception, my bridesmaids did the same thing. One of my best friends switched to her favorite Toms at her reception! I would recommend bringing your trusty Jacks to the reception. You can suffer a little but will want to walk again!
    I can’t believe it’s almost here, looking forward to seeing everything!

  8. OMG thank you so much for this Mackenzie! I’ve been dreaming about a shoe like this for my wedding and here it is, it does exist!

    Can’t wait to follow along this weekend!

  9. If that’s not fate then I don’t know what is! It’s like the universe was just begging you to buy those shoes! (Also your wedding hashtag is perfect!)

  10. Just a thought, why not switch to the great navy shoes for the reception and dancing? Best wishes for the perfect day!

  11. Mackenzie, I am so happy you are wearing the wedding shoes of your dreams! I can’t wait to see your photos and wish you the best day! Best wishes to you, Will and your families. I am happy for you.

  12. SO fun, the shoes you ended up with are absolutely stunning!! i had a similar dilemma – we knew we both wanted custom stubbs for the big day, but the custom process ended up taking 3 months longer than they originally told us (yikes). thankfully we got them yesterday, but are getting married in 2 1/2 weeks so it was starting to cut it really close! have been a blog reader forever & have loved following along with your wedding posts, since i’ve been on a similar timeline. enjoy your big day!!

  13. GORGEOUS!! I fully agree that it was a sign.

    I strongly suggest bringing a pair of comfy shoes to wear too in case. My Kate Spade charm heels were not fully broken in and I barely made it through photos in them. I basically wore them for photos, the ceremony and the Horah and switched in and out of flats otherwise.

    Congrats and /i can’t wait to see the photos! Your wedding day is SO FUN and I hope you and Will get to drink in every second. My two pieces of (unsolicited) advice are to stay on the dance floor (people will just have to come to you! don’t let them drag you into conversations, especially since you have other events to chat at) and try to stick together so you have the memories together. And try to remember that these are YOUR friends and family and YOUR vows and YOUR toasts…it’s happening for YOU!

  14. Those are GORGEOUS! My dream shoes, too! Have loved following along on your blog, and sending all best wishes for a wonderful wedding weekend!