We did it!!!!!!! Will and I were married in Nantucket over the weekend with our closest family and friends looking on. It was far and away the best day of our lives so far and the perfect start to the next chapter of our lives as husband and wife. I am so thankful for all your well wishes and want you to know I’m as excited to share pictures as you are to see them! Our amazing photographers Cameron & Kelly Studio are working away on editing photos and I’m hoping to start sharing each event (rehearsal dinner, welcome party, wedding day!) within a few weeks. I’ve also been sharing sneak peeks over on Instagram (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here so far) so be sure to follow along there if you’re anxious to see more!

design darling wedding photos

A ton of you have direct messaged me asking for information about vendors, outfits, etc. and while I’ll be answering all of these questions when I have our photos in a few weeks, I’ll take this opportunity to rave about some of the people this weekend would not have been the same without. First and foremost, our month of planner Caroline from Milly & Grace Weddings was the perfectly organized angel my family needed to pull together all the last minute details and truly heaven sent as far as I’m concerned. I have several girlfriends who couldn’t stand their wedding planners by the end of the planning process and I can’t express how strongly I feel the opposite — I even cried the morning I said goodbye to her. If ever someone was destined to do a certain type of work, Caroline was born to plan weddings. She is a true class act: unceasingly kind, wildly articulate, incomparably organized, and unflappable in even the most stressful of situations. If you are getting married on Nantucket, there is no one in the world I could recommend more highly.

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Second, we hit the jackpot with both our photographers and videographers. These were two components extremely important to me (particularly as a blogger!) and I felt confident I could relax the day of knowing both of them would capture every moment perfectly. Cameron and Jamelle of Cameron & Kelly Studio became part of our extended family throughout the planning process, from capturing our engagement pictures to tagging along as we looked for bridesmaids’ dresses. They sailed through the shot list I’d created with family portraits, decor details, etc. and captured so many candid moments I hadn’t even thought of. They are long on talent and enthusiasm, generous with their time, and attentive to detail in a way that separates them from other creative types. MacKenzie and Henry of Inkspot Crow captured our wedding festivities on video and if you haven’t watched one of their wedding videos yet, all I can say is make sure you have a box of tissues on hand. They’ve shot several weddings on Nantucket (this video has made me tear up at least half a dozen times) and working with them was one of the fastest decisions we made in the entire planning process. I could not be a bigger fan of their work and am counting down the days until Will and I can sit down to relive our own day!

design darling nantucket wedding

Lastly, this weekend would not have been the same without the 128 family members and friends who filled ‘Sconset Chapel on September 2. Will’s parents threw us the most splendid rehearsal dinner at The Chanticleer, complete with monogrammed napkins and hysterical toasts from our nearest and dearest. My parents hosted a welcome party on Friday night where our guests wore white and lined up at the Millie’s food truck on the front lawn for our favorite lobster rolls and fish tacos. My bridesmaids looked down over our first look from a window over my parents’ backyard and two of our friends also gave beautiful readings during the ceremony. I sobbed at all three toasts at our wedding reception, particularly during my sister’s, which had guests telling me she should run for President someday (they’re not wrong!). Will’s parents’ friends threw an extremely indulgent Texas-style barbecue on Sunday morning and I’m pretty sure our cockapoo Rory thought it was a party we’d thrown in his honor with all of his favorite foods and people in attendance. There were several moments this weekend where Will and I had the chance to just look out over the whole scene and could hardly believe how lucky we were to be surrounded by so much love — not just our own, but the love of the myriad people who came together to make our wedding day so much more magical than we could possibly have imagined. Stay tuned for many, many more photos and anecdotes in the weeks to come and thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me in this new chapter. We are thrilled to have you along for the ride!

*all photos by Cameron & Kelly Studio

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  1. Wow! I am flattered. It was our honor and privilege to photograph this event. Your families have something very special. We photograph a lot of weddings but I rarely come home crying telling my husband about all the people and moments. I did this time. I ADORE your family and Will’s. Thank you for trusting us with your day! We think Reilly should run for President. I would watch every speech on the edge of my seat.

  2. Congratulations again Mackenzie!! It was so fun to follow along your wedding weekend – especially LOVE the idea of asking guests to wear white and I so wish I had thought of that! Wishing you two all the best and so, so much fun on your honeymoon xo

  3. Mackenzie – I’m struggling to find the words to accurately describe the immense gratitude, joy, and love I feel when I think about this past weekend. You, Will, your families, and your friends are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. It was a true honor to witness and celebrate your love. Thank you for your thoughtful words, your kind heart, your wholehearted trust, and your unyielding support. But, most of all, thank you for making my dream come true! xoxo

  4. Congratulations, lady! I don’t know why, but the last paragraph just made me tear up. You’re bringing back all the emotions of my own wedding, and all the joy that comes with it. Now quit blogging and instagramming, and get honeymooning! 😉

  5. Mackenzie, your post captures the very special week beautifully. Love is a very precious concept and seeing it on full display with so many wonderful people was nothing short of amazing.

  6. Congratulations (again) to you and your new husband! I really enjoyed following along with the wedding festivities on Instagram – it looked like you had the most incredible weekend. Can’t wait to see more posts about your big day!

  7. I am already obsessed with your wedding – every little detail is darling! I am engaged and wedding planning myself, so I am anxious to hear and see more!!!

    PS you are seriously the most beautiful bride!


  8. Loved following in Instagram, the whole weekend looked like so much fun and all your choices – dresses, place to take pictures – looked beautiful and very *you*, which is the most important thing, I think. Many blessings on your new life. (And just tell me – who is your dress made by? I won’t tell anyone! 😉)

  9. I have been following along for over a year and am so happy for you and Will! It’s great to hear your appreciation for those who helped make your day special. God bless!