My mom was with Ali and I while we took pictures of this outfit and couldn’t help herself from a few “momager” remarks. 😂 (She works full-time as a registered nurse and with my dad is a resident director for the A Better Chance program in our hometown, so I say that in 100% total jest!). But one of the comments that made us laugh was her asking why Ali and I always wear our sunglasses for outfit pictures and I realized she was totally right! Our wedding photographer even joked that we should just do our wedding pictures with sunglasses on because she hardly ever sees me on Instagram without them. Honestly it’s as much about having a little security blanket as it is just having twice as many pictures to choose from because my eyes are probably closed in half of them (seriously, it took my brother three times as long to shoot this post!). But I threw one in here without sunnies on just for her. Do you have a security blanket when it comes to your wardrobe? Am I the only one who’d rather wear sunglasses in photos? Tell me I’m not alone on this!

P.S. You could also argue that a billowy top is one of my favorite security blankets. This one is exquisitely made and has the prettiest button detail across the arms and chest. I’ve coveted a piece from Sea NY for years and am so happy I finally took the plunge!

design darling sea button seam blouse in navy

illesteva leonard sunglasses in honey

nantucket pink hydrangeas

sea button seam blouse in navy on design darling

pamela munson agatha satchel on design darling

pink flowers on nantucket

illesteva leonard sunglasses in honey and grey

Sea button seam blouse (also available in white)  //  J Brand jeans

Illesteva sunglasses  //  Pamela Munson bag  //  K. Jacques gold wrap sandals

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  1. Sunglasses and oversized hats 100%!

    Especially for the blog. It means I can get away without wearing makeup. 🙂 But also same — my eyes get really squinty in the sun and we like to shoot in bright light.

  2. I have sensitive blue eyes so I’m ALWAYS wearing sunglasses because otherwise I either look like I’m crying or am actually crying in photos 🙂

    So you are not alone- it makes it easier to choose from photos, you’re right!