After spending the summer on Nantucket leading up to our wedding and spending the past couple weeks traveling throughout Africa for our honeymoon, I’m honestly thrilled to be back in our little house and more inspired than ever to get it looking the best it can be! I keep a running list of the items I’m looking for — a new floor lamp for the living room, a rug for the sunroom — so I can browse online with more purpose (also a good tip if you go antiquing, so you don’t buy anything you don’t really need or have space for!).

My decorating style tends to be pretty bright (you could call me a Slim Aarons addict) which can definitely make our house feel a little too summery in the fall and winter months. It’s something I’m keeping in mind as we upgrade existing pieces and introduce new ones in our home, so I wanted to share 20 recent finds that are perfect for fall and beyond. Admittedly I’m not the type to put out orange throw pillows just because Halloween is four weeks out, but my goal is that new items I purchase feel right for all four seasons. I will, however, welcome the new season by lighting a new candle (this scent is amazing) and bringing out all our throw blankets (I promise this is the coziest thing you’ll ever own). In any event, I would happily find a year-round home for all 20 of these!


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  1. I enjoy the gentlemanly vibe of these!

    Also, do you happen to remember the issue of Domino Magazine that had sort of an African safari-esque theme in one of the homes?

    I always loved that. Very worldly and adventurous. A departure from my bright norm as well, but if I had to decorate more a more masculine space, that was good inspo.