You might have noticed in sneak peeks from our wedding that I decided to get eyelash extensions before our wedding. (P.S. “Wedding Week” will start two weeks from today — I can’t wait to finally share all our photos!) I actually got them done about six weeks before our wedding and then had them refilled twice before our wedding. I tried them in advance to make sure I liked the way they looked and to make sure they wouldn’t agitate my eyes if I got them done a few days before our wedding. Here are a few of the questions I’ve received about them — if you have any others, feel free to ask in the comments!

design darling eyelash extensions

Where did you have them done? How much did they cost?

I had my eyelash extensions done at Island Glow on Nantucket. I am obsessed with the owner Jurgita and trusted her with facials and my lashes in the two months before our wedding. The first set cost $200 and took about 90 minutes to apply. The refills cost $75 after two weeks or $100 after three weeks and took about an hour each time.

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How do you take care of eyelash extensions? How long do they last?

Jurgita recommended keeping the extensions dry for 24 hours after they were applied. She supplied eyelash wands, which I actually used more often than I thought I would to keep them from getting “tangled” over one another. I had girlfriends tell me their eyelash extensions lasted over a month, but personally mine looked their best up until the two-week mark. I will say that I was in and out of the ocean multiple times a week with mine on, which I’m sure didn’t help their longevity, and I often fall asleep on my stomach, which meant the extensions were pressed into my pillow and needed to be brushed out when I woke up.

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Did you love having them? What were the pros and cons?

I love, love, love the way the extensions looked. I felt like I could leave the house in zero makeup and still feel totally presentable. Jurgita also did an amazing job making them look full as opposed to just long, so they looked just a step up from natural but nothing too out there. The biggest cons (besides the one mentioned below) were the expense/time commitment and the fact that I couldn’t totally figure out how to wash my face in the shower or before bed without losing a couple lashes each time.

design darling wedding eyelash extensions-2

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Did eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes? Would you get them again?

I want to be able to say, “No! My lashes are totally fine now!” but I really do think the lash extensions took a toll on my natural lashes. My lashes now are definitely shorter than they used to be and I’m trying to remember to use Neulash each night to bring them back to life (P.S. Neulash is a miracle product if you’re against getting extensions or trying to break the habit! Not cheap but worth every penny). That said, I don’t think Neulash or any competitor product could ever make my lashes quite as full or as long as the extensions did, and when I look at pictures I get so wistful for those effortlessly glam lashes (sans mascara or eyeliner!), so I can totally see myself getting them again one day. I would absolutely, 100%, without a doubt recommend getting them for your wedding day or another special occasion. Honestly we’ll see how long I can hold off before getting them again for my everyday life haha. Looking at these photos makes me want them again stat!

I’d love to hear whether you’ve tried eyelash extensions or how you get your lashes looking their best without them (a magic mascara perhaps?!). Spill your secrets in the comments!

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*photos by Cameron & Kelly Studio


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  1. It’s great to learn more about eyelash extensions. I love how you said that you love the look of them, and the fact that you could leave the home without makeup. My wife would appreciate the time saved by not doing makeup!

  2. So, wait…can you wear eyeliner or you don’t have to when you have the lashes? I might get some for a 4 day conference I’m going to in December but we’ll be at the beach and I will probably want to get my face wet. I can’t really get around the whole “don’t get them wet” situation ??? I like the goggles idea for the shower but I can just see myself in the ocean coming up from underwater and BOOM! A face full of tarantula legs AKA my expensive lashes. HELP!

    1. You don’t need to wear eyeliner at all! And you just can’t get them wet for the first 24 hours. After that you can 100% swim in them (like I did all summer on Nantucket!) but I just had a hard time when I wanted to really wash/scrub/exfoliate my face and didn’t want to get too close to the lashes. You’ll be totally fine for an occasional dip in the ocean! 🙂

  3. I got them for my wedding as well and loved them, but noticed that after they fell out my natural lashes were definitely worse for wear – although I’m not sure if it is because they are damaged or I just kissed the length and fullness of the extensions! I have been using Latisse and more recently Cute Lash, to regrow my lashes and now they are as long as my extensions were naturally and with mascara they are crazy long and curly. It did take a good 2 or so months of using the treatment to get my lashes back though, so as much as I loved the extensions I’m not sure I could keep it up full time, especially given I have other monthly appointments (waxing, nails etc) which eat up a lot of time and money.

  4. I love this! I got them for my wedding, too and they were perfect and one of the best things I did to beauty prep!! I’m so glad I had them, so easy!

  5. Such a great post and they look beautiful on you! I get eyelash extensions every 2ish weeks and have been doing so for the past (almost) 2 years! I got them at first just to try them out and never looked back!! I love that I can wake up and walk out of the house with no makeup!

    As for washing your face- in the shower, I think there is no remedy, but I use the Olay Daily Facials to wash my face when I’m out of the shower and it helps SO much in not getting anything near my lashes. They’re like a washcloth but disposable and a lot thinner so you can navigate over your face without knocking off your lashes! I actually prefer them over the Neutrogena makeup wipes by a landslide!

    1. Just to apply it at night and to be diligent and patient! It takes a few weeks to start working but then the difference gets increasingly noticeable. Let me know what you think! 🙂

  6. Hi Mackenzie! They look amazing; can you talk a little bit about how they feel? I am contemplating getting them for my wedding next summer but friends who have had extensions, have been bothered by the feeling. Did it take awhile to get used to them? Can you feel them at all times, like you were wearing super heavy makeup?

    1. Hi Theresa! They took a little getting used to as they’re “heavier” than natural lashes, but after a couple days, I totally forgot I had them on and would always be pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror haha. Also, I loved that they made me wear less makeup than usual (foundation, etc.) because I woke up and already felt totally presentable. Since you’re on the fence, I’d recommend getting them a few months before your wedding to make sure they don’t bother you or cause an irritation. I think you’ll love the way they look, especially for such a big event! Congratulations! 🙂

    1. That’s terrible! Thankfully neither the lash extensions nor the Neulash irritate my eyes at all. I apply Neulash right before going to sleep so maybe that’s why. I’ve heard that the “glue” they use to apply lash extensions can vary by salon so you might have to try a couple different places before you find one that’s best for your sensitivities. I guess I just got lucky on the first try!

  7. I am addicted to my lash extensions!! A helpful (but embarrassing) tip is to wear swimming goggles in the shower!!

    It covers the lashes and protects them, and also allows you to run your face under the water and wash it as normal without risking damage to the extensions. My husband and friends think I’m crazy but I swear it works!

    xo Elle

  8. I got eyelash extensions after a little too much champagne at DryBar (there was a salon right across from the DryBar) and have had them every since – and that was TWO YEARS ago. Like you mentioned, its so wonderful to wake up and all I need is tinted lip balm and I can run out the door without feeling too self conscious.

    I love not having to wear mascara every morning. I love that I don’t find little black smudges on the pillows if I don’t get all of the mascara off. I barely wearing eye liner – because I don’t really need it with such full lashes. Plus, with the SIX weddings that I’ve had this year – I LOVE that I don’t worry about runny mascara with all the happy tears.

    Sure, its a little annoying to have to find an hour every two weeks, but I force myself to relax and consider it an hour of meditation.

    1. Haha that is amazing that that’s when you first got them and I agree they’re perfect for weddings and special occasions! You’re seriously persuading me I “need” them again…