ralph lauren ricky bag

*my dream bag featured on Ralph Lauren’s Instagram

Today’s discussion topic should be a fun one! I love learning about what motivates people because it often helps me feel more motivated myself. For instance, I love looking at real estate because it reminds me what I’m working towards and how hard I’ll have to work to make those dreams come to life!

Will and I have always had really open conversations about money and our financial goals, and I’m always impressed by — and thankful for — his financial expertise. We both have savings goals, retirement accounts, and emergency funds that we contribute to every month, and right now we’re most focused on saving to buy a house (in a couple years) and a car (this spring when our current leases expire). And of course we think about saving for future children, being able to take care of our parents someday, etc. Isn’t it fun to be an adult?! 🙂

I’d love to hear how many of you are saving up for home ownership, a new car, your wedding, your honeymoon, or babies down the road… but I’d also love to hear if you’re saving up for something more frivolous/just for fun! I keep telling myself I need to set a certain goal for my business and treat myself to my dream Ralph Lauren Ricky bag once I hit it, so maybe if I put it out into the universe today I’ll actually make it happen! And a few other wishlist items I think are worth saving for… a canopy bedChanel ballet flats, a piece of oversized artwork, and a big trip to somewhere you’ve never been! So tell me: are you saving for anything special?

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  1. girl i totally hear ya! i’m such an outerwear lover, and while there are many less-expensive, wonderful options, a burberry or two are my dream! however, like you said, there are a million more practical goals to accomplish and purchase first. it’s so hard! love the ralph bag though, totally keep it on your list! xx

  2. I’m saving up for some long term travel! July 2018, I’ll be hitting the road. Off to Wimbledon first ( a childhood dream) and onward from there. I’m going to be working digitally as much as possible to extend the trip as long as possible, but a hefty chunk of change in savings will grant me the freedom and peace of mind I need to actually make it happen.

  3. We are saving for a new house but in my mind, I’m saving for the furniture that will go in the house! I have my eye on a beautiful spindle bed!

    I also think that setting smaller goals, like a new bag, when you reach a goal of sone kind is a great idea. Extrinsic motivation is important to help one push themselves!

  4. We have been saving for a house and just bought a little whaling cottage which was better than we dreamed, and we are now saving for our honeymoon in 2018!!

    Last year we both read and became obsessed with “The Barefoot Investor”. It’s a best seller here in Australia with great advice on how to structure your finances and how to save money while still enjoying your favorite things. I highly recommend it!

  5. My husband and I are really digging into merging finances (more than we had when we were engaged/living together) and working toward setting ourselves up as best as we can to tackle student debt, save for a house, etc. We plan to meet a financial planner too either in person or through LearnVest too 🙂 As an aside, I would love to see some posts about couples finance! I think it can be helpful to see how other couples split things and make them work for them as a couple, but it’s not always something we talk about as a society.

    In terms of current savings goals that are less serious, we’re saving for our 1 year anniversary trip to Palm Springs and I’ve been saving for a Goyard Artois tote for my birthday/work reward gift in December. Now to just decide on a color for the bag…

    1. I’ll brainstorm on how to tackle the topic of finances gracefully… it can be such a cringe-worthy discussion at times! If you have any ideas, I’m all ears. I love that you’re saving for a trip to Palm Springs — I’m actually here for a friend’s birthday this week and highly recommend looking into Holiday House if you haven’t booked your hotel yet!

      1. You should find some couples willing to share how they deal with money together. Not specific numbers but more on their specific arrangements and how it works for them!

  6. Love this post, Mackenzie! I’ve recently become obsessed with finance / saving / knowing where every dollar is going. YNAB is an AMAZING budgeting tool and helps you set goals for things. Vacation fund, purse, holiday gifts, etc. I also am a newfound fan of Dave Ramsey and am addicted to listening to his podcast (also on YouTube). He has a couple books but he’s most famous for his “baby steps” which is a simple financial plan that has helped thousands of people. He is 100% against debt and it’s been so eye opening to learn from him. Right now, I am saving as much as possible to pay off our car ASAP so we can be debt-free. Highly recommend listening to him!!

  7. I have three savings goals right now:
    1) a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM bag;
    2) a house; and
    3) a trip on the Orient Express train through Europe to Istanbul 🙂

    I just think of those things every time that it is an especially busy season of work and it makes the overtime worth it!

  8. I love this post! Being a college student, saving money is an important skill I should probably start working on so I don’t feel so overwhelmed when I’m on my own in a few years (ahh!). However, I also constantly think of what I want to buy myself for exciting things coming in the next few years… my golden birthday (20!), 21st birthday, and college graduation gifts to myself… My top three things I want to save up for are a Goyard bag, Chanel flats, and a big trip around Europe to places I haven’t yet been.

    xoxo, Fran

  9. The more fun thing I’m saving up for is a digital piano. I took lessons for over 8 years and had my piano with me up until our last move 3 years ago. Turns out my piano was permanently out of tune and was never going to get better, so it wasn’t worth the cost to move it.

    So in between saving for college, home ownership costs, daycare costs…. I’m trying to put some money aside to hopefully buy it in the next year or two!

  10. Saving is so important and I’m focused on trying to put as much into my 401k as I can… but I’m also saving up to buy my horse a new saddle! Definitely a more fun goal right now.

  11. We just bought a house last Tuesday! That was a huge savings goal for us, and I”m really proud of us for reaching it. Thanks to my husband’s financial modeling prowess, we knew exactly what we could afford comfortably. Figuring that out was the biggest and more important step. Once we had that, it was a waiting game to find something in the DC area that we liked.

    We ended up buying a house “as is” that was in great shape, just a little dated. It was under our budget, so we can afford to redo the floors right away. That will make a HUGE change. Now it’s a new savings game to furnish the house and finish the updates! I can only live with mid-thigh level bathroom vanities for so long : ) .

    I really like reading the Refinery29 Money Diaries. It helps with both motivating me to save, and to not feel like I am the only one skipping things to save. Skipping the $12 salad at Chopt with your office friend sucks, but those things add up!

    1. Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting and it’s great that you can tackle the floors right away. We redid the floors in my parents’ house this summer and it made a HUGE difference. Thanks for the link to Refinery29!

  12. Hi Mackenzie!

    This is such a good topic for discussion! My husband and I are saving for two special things. We are saving up to build a garage with a large master suite onto our house. We are also saving up for babies in the future. One frivolous/fun thing I want to save up for is a trip to Paris to buy my first (and most likely only) Chanel flip bag.

  13. When I got into law school I started saving for an LV Neverful GM, which I bought myself about 6 weeks ago as a reward for graduating with honors, passing the bar, and as an early 30th birthday present. Now I’m saving up for a couple new pieces of furniture and a new car.