Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve enjoyed wedding week on the blog — so far I’ve shared our rehearsal dinner, our welcome party, our first look, our wedding day, and now I’m closing out the week with our wedding video!!! It’s by far my favorite memento of our wedding weekend and I hope it gives you a little more insight into the best day of our lives!

I know their work speaks for itself, but I cannot say enough good things about MacKenzie and Philip Henry of Inkspot Crow. Their work captures so perfectly our love for one another, our love for our families, and our love for Nantucket. They made our Nantucket wedding video better than I ever could have imagined — the aerial footage of our favorite lighthouse, the juxtaposition of my sister’s toast with our bridal party’s run into the ocean, the flawless music choice — and it makes my heart skip a beat every time I watch it. My siblings already know they’ll be hiring MacKenzie and Henry one day for their own weddings and honestly I’d marry Will all over again just to see five more minutes of it captured through their lens. I’m already holding my breath for the twenty-minute version they’ll be sending us in a couple months!

Will and I also wanted to end the week with a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm this week! It was a labor of love to put together all the posts about our wedding and I’ve been on cloud nine knowing that you’ve enjoyed them as much as I’d hoped. Our wedding was a magical start to the rest of our lives together and I’ve loved getting to relive that magic on the blog every day this week. Thank you for sharing in that magic with us! xx

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  1. Beautiful video overall, but the thing that stood out to me especially was how heartfelt and well-written those toasts were. <3

  2. What a gorgeous video, and thank you for sharing it. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been married almost 31 years, and it will always be the most fun I have ever had. I would do it every weekend if it wasn’t so much work! Y’all are absolutely adorable, and this is filled with love and joy and laughter. May your lives always be full of such splendid days.

  3. Hi
    I’m a navy fan too and always read your social media. I especially enjoyed your interview with your Grandy. Then watched your wedding video and can honestly say it was so lovely I nearly cried. You have a wonderful family and I look forward to many more stories and events. Here’s to a happy life 💙

  4. This is the first time i have read your blog post! What a beautiful tribute to your Grandy, who is obviously a truly special lady! Thanks for sharing.


    (Beautiful. Beautiful wedding, beautiful reception, beautiful dress, and beautiful sentiments from your dad and sister. I love your love and feel lucky you’ve shared your story with us here—it’s been amazing to watch it all unwind in following you the past 5 years!)

  6. What a beautiful wedding!! Such an amazing video and your sister and father’s speech made me cry. So sweet. Congrats to the two of you. All the best, Shannon

  7. GOOSEBUMPS! This is beautiful. And your sister’s speech was SO GOOD!!!! Wish I could hear the whole thing! You have an incredible family!

  8. This video is amazing!!
    Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing all the details of your wonderful day!
    Your Mom and Grandy are too cute!! (they should do guest posts if they haven’t already!)

  9. Thank you for so generously and graciously sharing your most special wedding day. There are too many beautiful moments and details upon which to comment, but most precious of all is having an arm chair view of the great love you both share. May you both be blessed with many years of happiness and health. ❤️

  10. What a wonderful glimpse into your day! Thank you so very much for sharing! I have loved following along throughout your engagement and even though we have never met it has been amazing to see your happiness shine through in your writing! Your taste is impeccable too! Best Wishes, Mackenzie!!

  11. Holy moly. This was like an incredible movie trailer! I laugh, I cried, I celebrated. So beautiful! Your sister’s speech was incredible, she’s so eloquent. So moving.

  12. I grinned from ear to ear the whole video! You all clearly have an inspiring relationship, your sister and father’s toasts are only what I can hope I get to hear on my wedding day. Congratulations!!

  13. That has got to be one of the most beautiful wedding videos I’ve ever seen! You should considering posting it on Love Stories TV!

  14. I don’t even know you and I absolutely adore you. I would love for my son’s wedding one day to mimic yours however I know I will have no say-so but I can dream. Thank you for sharing!

  15. So amazing. Don’t you wish you could do it again. I wish every day I could do my three kids weddings again. Most amazing night s of my life

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your wedding photos and this video on your blog!! I have been a reader for many years, but feel like I know your personality just a little better after this week! It was so amazing to see yours and Will’s personalities ans love for each other shine!!

  17. This is so beautiful! We had Ink Spot Crow as our videographers for our 2013 wedding, and I’m still in love with their work. Such a special memento to have forever!

  18. Oh my goodness, I have goose bumps and tears in my eyes. Your wedding day was magical and your sister is amazing. Seriously, is she available for hire? 🙂 This is by far the best wedding video I’ve ever seen. Congratulations again!

  19. And now I’m sitting at my desk crying over the wedding video of two people I’ve never met! So lovely. The composition of the video is beautiful, but the sentiment and love captured is the real stunner. What a lovely memento from a lovely day. And your sister’s toast was amazing! Congratulations again, and thank you for sharing so much of your very special day!

  20. Dying and crying over here! This is by far the best wedding video I’ve ever seen. It’s a movie! You’re so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people. Those speeches!

    I can’t wait to see the 20-minute version and deeply regret not having a videographer at our wedding.

  21. I’ve followed you sporadically since the very beginning. And although I don’t know you, that video made me cry. It is just so full of love. You are truly blessed to have a family and a life so full of love.

  22. Thank you for bringing all of your readers along and giving us a glimpse of your exquisite wedding!
    You were a beautiful bride and your genuine love for each other was so felt. Congratulations to you and Will! C

  23. Mackenzie! That was THE BEST wedding video I’ve ever seen. WOW! The music, the speeches, the dancing, every detail was perfection. I wish we had an extended cut of the speeches! Wow!

  24. Mackenzie,

    What a gorgeous video capturing the fun and the sentimentality of your wedding. I loved all of the content this week, and how your wedding was such a seamless combination of style and tradition.

    All the best in your marriage!


  25. So when does Reilly announce her campaign for president?! What an amazing speech.

    What an exceptional wedding video. Congratulations to you and Will! Your wedding is the stuff that dreams are made of….I hope your life together is too! 🙂

  26. Your wedding week feature was so fun to watch, the highlight being this beautiful video. Everything was perfect and I am so happy we got to share it with you.

  27. Wow this was beautiful! you weren’t kidding when you said how well spoken your sister is!!

    Thanks for taking us on this amazing journey!

  28. Your wedding video was so beautiful, I seriously teared up during your sister’s speech for you. Thanks for sharing your wedding with us this week! <3

  29. That isn’t a wedding video…it’s a movie trailer! Pure cinema. What a gift to have as you go through life together.

  30. by far the best wedding video i’ve ever seen! what a beautiful wedding and so many special moments captured so perfectly. thank you for sharing 🙂

  31. Um ok I don’t think I’ve ever commented on a blog twice in one week but Mackenzie your wedding was seriously incredible. Bookmarking so many things about it. Most of all it looked like all of you had so much FUN in this video. It made me tear up big time!!!!

  32. Mackenzie- I’ve watched a lot of wedding films and I think this is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. I don’t know you, or your family, but the love was palpable and I found myself tearing up! Congratulations!

  33. Mackenzie, I loved your wedding updo. Do you think you could do a tutorial with your hairstylist? 😀 Also, your wedding dress is everything I never knew I wanted 😀
    PS: Loved that the videographers managed to capture the bunny!

  34. Um, this made me tear up. Those speeches from your family members = oh my gosh. No wonder you were crying! Loved this little bit of very personal insight into your life, family, and relationship. Thank you for sharing something so personal with us!

  35. What an amazing video! I was on the fence about getting a videographer for my wedding but this totally just convinced me that I need to! So thank you!

    Your wedding was beautiful. Beyond all of the amazing personal details, what really shone through was the love that your friends and family have for you and Will and the the love you have for each other.

    Congrats again!

  36. WOW Mackenzie – this video is amazing!!! I have loved all of your wedding content this week but the video just gave me all the feels. Love it. So happy that you and Will found eachother. Xo

  37. ok, i’ve never met you and that video made me tear up! they did a beautiful job 🙂 thank you for sharing all of your wedding stuff with us this week!! You got married a few weeks before I did so I especially appreciated all of your wedding posts this year…I felt like you almost led the way for me a little bit haha with all the planning…made me feel a little more comfort to know someone else out there was doing all the crazy planning too 🙂

  38. What a way to end the week! This video is hands-down one of the best I’ve seen. It’s beautiful and I could feel the love and beauty of that day! Your sister’s toast also managed to make me cry! Congratulations to you and Will!

  39. All of your wedding posts have been wonderful, but this video is breathtaking. Your sister’s speech sounds like it was so heartfelt and I love the juxtaposition of her speech and the more lighthearted moments of your wedding. Congratulations to you both on a beautiful wedding day and the rest of your lives together!

  40. Talk about a tear jerker!! This is such a special moment that you can treasure forever! Loved every detail and moment.