Happy Friday, friends! I’m heading into the city today for my cousin Emily’s wedding tonight and I’m so excited to celebrate her and her hubby-to-be David with all our family! I hope you have fun plans with some of the people you love too.

mackenzie and emily

Born 14 days apart and married three months apart. I love you, Em! 💙

This week’s rose was moving into our new house! This move was really a blessing in disguise for us. Finding out we had to leave our old house was literally the first email I opened when we got back from our honeymoon and I immediately burst into tears not just at the thought of moving for the second time in eleven months but because I truly loved the charming little house we were in and it makes me so sad to think about it being torn down to build something big and brand new. But then we found this place and started to get excited about the new kitchen (with proper storage for our wedding presents!) and little things like having a double vanity in the master bathroom (Will can’t stand my habit of leaving my cosmetic bag in the sink and/or strewing my skincare products all over the bathroom, weird). I’ve been staring at the floor plan for six weeks and now I’m so excited to finally be here and get to move things around! Few things excite me quite like rearranging furniture. 🙂

This week’s thorn was that Will was traveling for work most of the week so we haven’t made as much progress on unpacking as we would have liked. I’ve unpacked 99% of the boxes on the first floor but I found myself trying to dead lift our coffee table on Tuesday night and realized it was probably better to wait for Will to get home than to throw my back out in the name of feng shui. I’m excited to make some progress come Sunday! I hope you all have a good one! xoxo



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