Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the short week and had a great start to the year. We actually had a harder week than we anticipated as you’ll read below. I am quite ready for the weekend and a fresh start on Monday!

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This week’s rose was just the optimism of the new year! I loved reading so many of my favorite bloggers’ goals for 2018 and deciding on some of my own goals to tackle this year (which I’ll share on the blog next week!). I got to hear from lots of you on this Instagram post about your travel plans for 2018 and it got me even more inspired to start booking upcoming trips.

This week’s thorn came on Tuesday, when I returned from Cabo to find that there was a glitch on my blog’s backend preventing me from uploading new images (hence the lack of post that day) and later that night when I ran downstairs to a frozen pipe that had burst in our kitchen, soaking the wood floors in an inch of standing water. I spent Tuesday night sopping up the water with every towel in our house and then all of Wednesday with a plumber and an electrician who fixed the pipe and actually were able to jumpstart our thermostat/radiators as well. We’re waiting to see how badly the floors will warp and whether they need to be replaced, but needless to say it was not the productive start to the new year that I’d been so looking forward to. I might actually do a post on this next week if you guys are interested — there’s always so much hype to having the perfect fresh start to a new year, but it’s so important not to fall into a rut just because things weren’t perfect from the get-go. Here’s to hitting the reset button this weekend!

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  1. I have actually heard many people get disheartened by a rough start to the New Year. But for the universe, unfortunately for our resolved mindset, there is nothing magical about January 1. Just as we can become resolved to a fresh start at anytime, so too can the universe decide January 1 is the day to give us a bad one. But January 2 is a new day!
    It’s really heard on the soul though.

  2. Even though having a flooded kitchen isn’t a person flaw or ground breaking confession, it’s still really nice to hear that your life isn’t all perfect interiors, beautiful outfits, romance, and adorable dogs. It’s so nice to hear some of the real and remember peoples lives aren’t as instaperfect as they seem. Keep doing what your doing. Xo

  3. I couldn’t agree more! It’s so easy to shut down when things don’t go our way or say, “to hell with starting fresh,” but I’ve been trying to remind myself that there’s ALWAYS the opportunity to hit reset and try again. Sending lots of good vibes that your floors aren’t beyond repair! Happy 2018 🙂

  4. I would love to see a post like that! My husband and I had to replace our furnace and AC this week, and to top it off our hot water heater went out! Definitely not the start to 2018 we were looking for!

  5. Such a bummer about your floors, but your resiliency will see you through it! Also, it gives you practice for being a homeowner 😉 Whenever we come across unexpected home repairs I try my hardest to be thankful that these are the problems I have because I own a home. Hang in there and pour yourself a cocktail while you deal.

  6. Sorry to hear about your floors. I also had a rough start to my New Year. It’s very frustrating. Hoping I can get started on my resolutions next week!

  7. Do the post – that restart button is necessary at all different times, not just the New Year. When are things really ever perfect? It’s important to remind ourselves that, especially because they look that way on social media.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about the challenges you faced this week! I would love to see a post about not falling into a rut if the New Year doesn’t start off in the most positive way – I spent New Year’s Eve on a flight back to London from Chicago and completely missed the turn of the year. I initially thought that it would be fun to spend new Years on a plane, however it turned out to be a total non-event and between unpacking, laundry, jet lag and trying to get back into my work routine I’m struggling to maintain the enthusiasm that I once had for the New Year… I have to say I’m a little relieved that someone else is feeling the same way. Wishing you a restful and relaxed weekend and a more successful week next week!