It was really great to hear after yesterday’s post that a lot of you are interested in seeing more decorating content on Design Darling. I’m genuinely thrilled to have so many new spaces to decorate and I’m going to try to keep myself on a deadline so I can be more intentional about sharing before and afters on the blog this year. Will and I are also determined to have our friends over for a housewarming party sometime in the next couple months so I’m hoping to have the rooms on our first floor look presentable sooner rather than later!

design darling greenwich house decorating the foyer

I’m starting with the smallest space in our house: the foyer. It’s looking very blah right now thanks to the wooden staircase and taupe (?) carpet, but it gets good light and is the first thing people will see when they walk in the front door, so I want it to make an impact! It’s amazing how many decisions need to be made even in such a small space and I thought it’d be fun to have you all weigh in!

design darling foyer plans


We currently have this mirror hanging above this console and I’d like to keep both of them where they are. I’ve had this umbrella stand since my first apartment in New York and I still love it six years later! I also have one of these baskets under the console for now, but I might want to switch it out for our acrylic x-bench if I find another way to bring color/texture into the room. We also have zero outlets in this room (#why) so I currently have two topiaries (similar here and here) on the console where I’d have preferred a table lamp or two. Other than that, we’re starting from scratch!

design darling decorating decisions for foyer


I want to cover a good portion of the not-so-pretty carpet with a new runner. I’ve bookmarked this Dash & Albert and this Serena & Lily — do you have a favorite between the two? I also considered this Moroccan pattern and this stripe but think the first two will be the most versatile (and the easiest to keep looking clean).


The runner (and whether I go with one of the neutral/navy options above or try to find something more colorful) really depends on the artwork I find for the back wall. There’s a closet under the stairs to the left so we can’t have anything on the floor, but a large piece of artwork (one of these colorful prints? a framed silk scarf? another Slim Aarons?) is a must for adding a focal point opposite the front door. Also can I just say it’s mind-blowing to me that this is the third house Will and I have lived in together and I have no idea how we still need to buy new pieces to cover our walls and floor? Decorating is so expensive. 😭


I’m toying with the idea of hanging two small prints on either side of the mirror that’s currently hung on the right wall. (I wish I could hang sconces but it’s probably not worth it for a rental…? We really don’t need the light in here (there’s a window and an attractive ceiling fixture) but it just feels weird to have a console with no lamps or lighting of any kind.) I’ve also been coveting these ginger jars for years and think they’d be a pretty pop of color on top of the console. And I’m considering recovering the cushion on our acrylic x-bench to something more interesting (plus the white cover has gotten a little dingy after two moves in twelve months!). And it will probably live outside the front door, but I just ordered this monogrammed doormat and cannot wait for it to arrive!

What would you do with this space? Any favorites from the picks above? Would love your two cents!

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  1. I highly recommend the Dash and Albert runner. I have three in my apartment–2 are 5 years old, one is 1 year old and I could not tell you which is which.

  2. What’s the timeline you’re thinking for renting your current place? If we’re talking 3+ years I’d consider the sconces if it really mattered to you. Otherwise anything less time wise, it’s probably not worth it.

  3. You can still do a lamp! Use a remote control/battery operated lightbulb! No outlet needed! The only drawback is that it will need to be charged occasionally.

  4. Oh my gosh, seeing the top picture and before I saw what you planned on putting there, my first thought was an acrylic/glass waterfall console table! LOL! #greatdesignmindsthinkalike

    For sconces, you can get some really nice plug-in ones – is there an outlet nearby? Or what about picture lamps that hang over the art that can hide the cords? That would be really cozy.

    If you don’t have a coat closet, you could hang some fun hooks on the back wall, would would help round out the space! I vote for the Serena and Lily rug 🙂

  5. In our old house, my mom lined the staircase wall with a ton of old/vintage mirrors. It was super cute! And you can usually find them for budget-friendly prices, especially if you’re doing a ton, since none of them have to be perfect! Also, love those staffordshire dog prints.

  6. I love this aesthetic! I prefer the Serena and Lilly runner, and I think you should use one of the colorful prints from Pink Lion Dog because it’s different than all the photography and is similar to a framed silk scarf. Then, I would recover the X-bench in a green to match the painting. I think art next to the mirror might look strange, but if you want to bring in more color you could think about painting the frame of the mirror navy to offset the white on white. Can’t wait to see the finished project, and I’m living vicariously through your interior designing!

  7. Striped runner, navy to the bench, a bowl for your keys in the umbrella/ ginger jar pattern, how about lots of pictures small med large up your stairs? Hooks for hats or scarves on the wall? Where are your shoes? A bookcase for them? Have fun😊