Happy Friday! I’m excited for a long weekend at home. We would ordinarily plan a little getaway for a three-day weekend but I’m cohosting an event at my friend Katie’s boutique on Sunday and I would love to see some of you there! She’s the one who designed my wedding jumpsuit (seen in this post) and she’s a rockstar if you’re looking to have something made for your wedding, your daughter’s wedding, or any other special event. I’ll put the invite below for those of you interested in attending!

nordstrom signature ruffle stripe cashmere sweater

striped peplum sweater  //  Slim Aarons print  //  bookshelf  //  gold pineapple tumblers //  record player  //  white pineapple jar

This week’s rose was finishing two books and fitting in three workouts with my mom! When I think about things that make me feel good, I really do feel my best when I’m reading a ton and getting in regular exercise. First I finished The Last Mrs. Parrish (so disturbing but kept me on the edge of my seat) and then I sailed through The 10x Rule (very cliché and not particularly well-written but motivating nonetheless). In the next few weeks I’ll share a review of everything I’ve read lately as I’ve gotten so many great book recommendations from you guys and would love to return the favor!

This week’s thorn was having Will out of town for a work trip. I know absence makes the heart grow fonder but I am just really ready for a weekend at home with him! Also I sleep terribly when he’s out of town — I convince myself that every creak is an armed invader (#normal) and basically fall asleep with one eye open. If you have any tips for dealing with insomnia, I am all ears! I’m trying to become a morning person over here and the late nights this week did not help my case!


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  1. I struggle with insomnia/trouble sleeping in general, but it’s worse when my husband is away. Here are the tricks that work for me!

    1. Exercise. I find I sleep SO MUCH BETTER if I’ve exercised that day, even if it’s just an extra walk with the dog.
    2. Shower before bed. I don’t know if you’re a morning or nighttime shower person, but I find showering at night helps me relax before going to bed. Bonus if you use lavender soap or lotion.
    3. Drink calming tea. I drink Celestial Sleepytime Extra tea almost every night. The only times I don’t have it are when they were out of it at the supermarket (tragedy!) or if I’m traveling and forgot to pack it. My favorite substitutes for it are Celestial Tension Tamer, Yogi Stress Relief, and Celestial Chamomile Honey.
    4. Melatonin. If I’m REALLY wired, and can’t sleep I take a 1 mg dose of melatonin. That stuff works wonders!

    Anyways, I hope this helps you!

    🙂 Blair

  2. I hope you keep posting what you’re reading and can’t wait to see your reviews on the books you did read! I follow the Weekly Stripe blog (thanks for that recommendation!). She put on there “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and I have been loving that! It’s the story of a Hollywood actress from the 50’s and moving forward through time. It’s light and fun fiction, but also really socially relevant with what today’s experience of being a woman in the work place can look like and trying to climb to the top! I would highly recommend!

  3. I’m same way and solution for me was a centrally monitored home alarm. Gives me peace of mind. Not only during the night, but when I return home alone in the evening as well.

  4. I’m with you on the not sleeping when the hubby’s away. I revert to my college ways and stay up until the sun is about up, watching TV, usually on the couch, and then can only fall asleep once it’s light out. I guess I’m afraid of the dark?!

    I have insomnia in general and while it seems SUPER weird and admittedly creepy, watching ASMR videos on YouTube really do work for me. They’re basically videos of a lady whispering. But they knock me out with minutes. Bonus: You can also have a BRAIN ORGASM! Haha. Where you head gets all tingly.

    They temper down my anxiety too.

    Worth a shot!

  5. #verynormal LOL I’m the same way, my husband travels all the time! Glad I’m not the only one feeling crazy 🙂

  6. I’ve become a devotee of sleeping with a sound machine or fan. The white noise helps me sleep and keeps me from waking up at every tiny noise.

  7. I totally get the not sleeping well when your husband is away. We live on the 16th floor of a building in a condo I bought before we were married (I lived there for 2 years alone before he moved in) & I still get freaked out about noises when he’s away, which makes no sense since I lived there on my own for so long before he came along. Funny how things change! My only tips are a pillow spray (something girly your husband wouldn’t love so it’s a little treat for you when he’s away) & white noise – it helps block out the bumps in the night so you can fall asleep.