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I’ve shared my 2018 goals but today I want to zero in on some of the fitness goals I’ve been tackling in the past few weeks. I’d love to hear your tips for staying active in the comments!

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1. Squeeze in lots of workout classes with my mom. Having a workout buddy is the best way to hold myself accountable for showing up and I’m always less nervous to try something new when I’m not alone. We’ve been doing a mix of Pilates, strength training, and Tabata and I’m loving the variety. It feels like a different part of my body is sore every day of the week!

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2. Get in more steps every day. Working from home, I can easily go hours without moving more than 10 steps at a time — it’s really crazy to compare my numbers to my husband who works in the city and walks to his office from the train! I used to walk everywhere in New York but as soon as we got cars when we moved to Dallas (and kept them when we moved to Connecticut), I walk a fraction of the 10,000 steps we’re all supposed to walk in a day. I have a goal on my 101 in 1001 list to walk 10,000 steps every day for at least, but I’ll likely wait until the spring or summer when I can take Rory for long walks in warmer weather and/or walk on the beach. In the mean time, I’m making small efforts like parking my car farther away when I’m running errands and running around with Rory when we walk to the park each morning. If you have any tips for upping my step count, I’m all ears!

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3. Drink more water — specifically, half my body weight in ounces per day. I was doing this for several weeks leading up to our wedding over the summer and I swear it gave me more energy and a clearer complexion. Keeping a water bottle on my desk and refilling it several times a day is a huge help because I always know exactly how much water I’ve consumed.

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4. Stretch after every workout (and then some). Especially when I’m going to new workout classes, I feel like some part of my body is going to be sore on any given day, and the way to push past the soreness and prevent injury is through regular stretching. I used to be so flexible as a competitive gymnast through high school (and as a cheerleader my freshman year of college) and I’m dying to get some of that flexibility back! I just feel so much better when I make time (even five minutes) to stretch (plus I can do it while listening to an audio book or watching a TV show!).

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5. Once it warms up in Connecticut, I’m hoping to add a little running into my routine. I am not a runner and it’s easy for me to make excuses to avoid cardio, but I know it’s important to really get my heart rate up at least a couple times a week. I’d love to hear any of your running tips for beginners!

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What are your current fitness goals? And how are all your 2018 goals going so far?

design darling 2018 goals

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  1. When I had an Apple Watch, it was super useful for reminding me to get up and walk around! I highly recommend it.

  2. It’s definitely not an at-home workout, but I’ve been LOVING Orangetheory. My blood work over the past few years indicated that I needed to be better about getting my heart rate up during workouts (barely cracking a sweat on the elliptical just wasn’t cutting it :)) and I wanted to build up some strength, so my boyfriend and I joined together in August. It’s challenging, not quite as expensive as other boutique workouts, and is metrics-based so I personally think it’s motivating in a different sense…I wrote a post about it if you’re curious, but truly can’t recommend it enough if you want to shake up your workout! They also don’t make you sign a contract so you can try it out for a few months and drop it if it isn’t your thing:

  3. More water and more stretching are two things I seriously need to work on. I feel like I barely have time to get to the gym, let alone spend valuable minutes stretching before and after. But I know it’s important so I’m really trying to work on it this year.

  4. I much prefer outdoor running, especially when the weather is nice; however, this time of year, the treadmill or stairmaster are necessary evils for me. I’ll try to watch a full show on my iPad while I’m on my treadmill run or another piece of cardio equipment. Otherwise, I also like the new Asics workout app and I know other bloggers use Aaptiv. But for those days that you’re just not in the mood for a full out run, significantly raise the incline on your treadmill and complete a power walk instead!

  5. If you want to get into running, i’d highly suggest the app Couch to 5k! Years ago I was running half marathons (and marathons) but really fell off the wagon recently. Couch to 5k is easy to follow and getting me back into running. xx

  6. These seem like great goals that are also doable! I really need to get my step count up as well. I’m not sure if you’ve said this in a previous post, but what gym (or studios) do you and your mom go to?

    1. We work out at the YMCA. She gets a free membership through work and I paid for a one-year membership upfront so as to get a discount off the monthly rate. It’s convenient for both of us and there’s a huge variety of classes!

  7. I need to get better about steps, stretching, and consistently drinking that much water. I’d also like to get down 1 dress size (from a 6 back to a 4).

  8. If you don’t love running (me either!) but want to mix in some good cardio, try rowing! It’s an awesome workout and is really full body. I took a couple classes over the summer to help with proper technique/form and definitely recommend doing that or asking a trainer at the gym to show you.

  9. What really helps me is using the app Daily Burn. I live in downtown Charleston and it’s really geared towards tourists. There are two gyms, only one I’d step foot in, and that one is difficult to get to. Not to mention it’s not walking distance and walking a block to my car and then praying I get a good space when I get back really keeps me from going. So I decided to solve my problems and do Daily Burn. So if you want to do classes but for whatever reason you aren’t going to the gym (it’s difficult or intimidating) this is a really good way.

  10. I’ve never heard of that brand of leggings. They look great. I’m assuming you recommend these, but why? I usually wear Lululemon or Athleta. Thanks!

    1. I just ordered them after a friend was raving about hers and they seriously suck you in like no other! They also have great colors/designs that don’t scream athletic apparel. But it’s really the fit that keeps me coming back for more. 🙂