I’m three months into my third 101 in 1001 list and I wanted to share an update on the tasks I’ve been able to cross off so far! You can peruse my entire list here and if you’re inspired to write your own list, be sure to send me a link so I can add you to the list at the bottom of the page!

design darling 101 in 1001 list

striped plate  //  woven tray  //  acrylic stapler



27. Post all of our wedding events on the blog.

I was so floored by your enthusiasm for our wedding photos and it meant so much to be able to share each event with all of you. We were engaged for twenty-one months so a lot of thought and time went into each and every detail! You can read about our rehearsal dinner, our welcome party, our first look, our wedding day, and our wedding video here.

28. Post all of our honeymoon photos on the blog.

Our two weeks in Africa were truly the trip of a lifetime and having so many beautiful photos to share was just the icing on the cake! I posted our full itinerary and my packing list as well as recaps from our time in Cape Town, Londolozi, the Serengeti, Solio Lodge, and Giraffe Manor.

79. See a new-to-me Broadway play.

Will’s parents gave us tickets to Hello, Dolly for Christmas and it was such a treat to catch one of Bette Midler’s final performances!

90. Take a trip with another couple (not including Nantucket!).

There are friends and then there are friends you can travel with, and we’re lucky that Ali and her husband Patrick are the latter! We spent four days in Cabo over New Year’s and it was such a relaxing way to ring in the new year… minus a certain sailboat ride gone awry.

97. Dress up for Halloween.

It had been years since I did anything for Halloween and my friend Shelly was adamant that we all dress up as a group and head out to a bar in our costumes. We spraypainted cardboard boxes to go as Mario Kart and even though the costumes didn’t last too long once we were out, it was fun to be silly and celebrate like we weren’t all 28 years old.



1. Read at least fifty books.

I’ve read six (almost seven) books so far and will be posting a review of each next week! I’ve also been sharing book recommendations in my Instagram stories so be sure to follow along there if that’s your cup of tea.

15. Take vitamins every day for at least one month.

I’ve gotten so much better about this, thanks in large part to deciding to take them first thing in the morning vs. last thing before bed. It’s definitely easier to commit to a new step in my morning routine since I find myself making all kinds of excuses when I’m exhausted at night.

17. Launch my blog redesign.

I swear we are getting close! I just want everything to be perfect by the time we send it live. I’m crossing my fingers and toes the blog will have gotten a lovely little facelift by the time I write my next progress update in three months.

43. Send out Christmas cards each year. 

I’ll have to send them out in 2018 and 2019 to be able to cross this off the list, but you can see our 2017 cards here!

49. Have my grandmother teach me how to needlepoint.

I am so excited about this one and I’m finally getting the hang of it thanks to a refresher course from my cousin’s husband over Christmas. I just finished my first needlepoint ornament and need to get it dropped off for finishing so I can start on something new!

72. Try at least twenty new-to-me restaurants in Connecticut.

I need to do a formal tally to remember how many new ones we’ve tried, but in the mean time I’d love any recommendations you have for great spots in Fairfield County!

73. Find a doctor, dentist, and dermatologist I like. 

I actually reunited with an amazing doctor my siblings and I went to as teenagers and followed her to her new practice, so now I just need to find a dentist and a dermatologist (I’m definitely overdue for a skin screening!).

88. Travel to three new countries.

Can you believe I hadn’t been to Mexico before? One down, two to go!


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  1. I picked up the January issue of Connecticut magazine because they had TWO best-of restaurant lists (one submitted by readers, one by their staff). Some of my favorites were on the list but there were others that I can’t wait to try!

  2. I just discovered your 101 on 1001 lists and I really love the concept. It is a way more accessible and doable way to make a bucket list and actually see progress. I am so inspired and have started to brainstorm my own list. I seriously think it is a great way to actually follow through with some more long term goals. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

    Erin Lucy

  3. Needlepoint is on my bucket list this year. I was inspired after seeing the beautiful monogram ornament that you received for Christmas. That is my future goal. What is your source for an easy beginner ornament. Thanks, love your list too!

    1. So far I’ve only purchased canvases locally (at Erica Wilson on Nantucket and House of Needlepoint in Darien, CT) but I’ve heard great things about Lycette Designs online. Good luck!!!

  4. you’ve inspired me with your earlier post a few months ago, so i’ve started one too. keep the updates coming!! 🙂

  5. There are great restaurants in Fairfield County! Here are some of my favorites:

    Darien – The Goose
    Sono – Harlan Publick
    Westport – Terrain and Tavern on Main
    Greenwich- Terra

  6. I honestly like the idea of stretching out your goals beyond a year. Instead of feeling the crunch time around November/December, you get to experience that same motivation come January to tackle your list with a little more verve and passion again. I might try to make my own list, now.

  7. LOVE your 1001 lists, I’m super inspired and will probably start one of my own, soon! We’re big fans of lists of goals at Are We Adults Yet (see here https://areweadultsyetblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/28/30-blog-posts-we-want-to-write-in-2018/) and love them for keeping accountability alive!

    ps – I’ve def looked at your wedding posts numerous times, thank you so much for sharing all of the lovely details of your weekend and all the work you put into it leading up to the big event! I’m currently in the midst of wedding planning (😱 😁 😳) and it’s super helpful to read through what did and didn’t work for different couples!

  8. Yay for the needlepoint! I have been stitching for 20 years and this year brought an exciting surprise-I’m working part-time in a needlepoint store 🙂 It is such a worthwhile hobby – creating something beautiful and keeps my hands busy and off of my phone!