Will and I had an unexpectedly action-packed Sunday and I’m starting the week with such a skip in my step as a result. We started the day drinking our coffee at the beach, where Rory sprinted up and down the sand and didn’t hesitate to dip his paws in the water. Next we went to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch followed by a quick stop into one of my favorite stores for a little decorating inspiration. Then we met two friends for paddle and a puppy playdate in the park near our house. And finally we watched the sun set from the driving range, where I picked up a golf club for the first time outside of mini golf and Will gave me a million pointers and lots of encouragement (which you already know if you watch my Instagram stories haha). We also listened to an audiobook together in the car between destinations and it just felt like such a happy and productive use of a Sunday!

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A lot of times we both get sucked into working at least one day on the weekends and it was so nice to totally unplug and take on so many activities in just a few hours. It made us both really happy to live where we do and it got me thinking a lot about hobbies and how I’ve stopped investing in them as I’ve gotten older. Not that it would be easy to get back into my childhood love of gymnastics at 28, but there are lots of new hobbies I’d like to devote some time to, especially on the weekends. For instance, I recently got into needlepoint and I’ve found it insanely relaxing to do something with my hands that isn’t scrolling through Instagram. I love to read and find I’m much more excited to run errands during the day if I know I have a great audio book to listen to in the car. Yesterday I tried a sport I never thought I’d try and wound up having a blast trying something totally outside my comfort zone. And I’m not sure that walking on the beach constitutes a hobby, but it was so relaxing (for all three of us!) that I’m hoping to turn it into something of a weekly ritual.

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What are your hobbies, and how do you prioritize them as an adult? Are there any new hobbies you’re hoping to pick up in 2018?

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25 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES?

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  1. I lovet hat you picked up needle-point as your hobby! I’ve always been a crafty person, and recently found my love of crocheting. With a lot of my friends having babies this year, I’ve started crocheting baby blankets for them! The fun part has been learning ang trying out different patterns. I find this the most relaxing to do while I listen to podcasts.

    A hobby that i hope to pick up again is journaling and scrapbooking. I call journaling a hobby because it takes a real effort for me to take time to sit and write. Once I make the time, I never have a problem finding the words to write! My ultimate goal is to write a small book of all my adventures and mishaps– just something for me to have and one day share with my kids when I have those 🙂 But my mom did something like that for me, and I cherish learning from her so much! It’s like having a small guide to my twenties, but written by my mom so it means so much to me 🙂

  2. I studied art history and studio art in college but had totally fallen out of making things when my art history career took over. Last year I took a leap and decided to try glass blowing classes to get back into making art in a new way, and I absolutely love it! It’s definitely fun to tell people about when they ask about my hobbies.

  3. I may be the antithesis of most adults in that my hobby kind of rules my life. I show hunters (horses) and fox hunt. My life pretty much revolves around the care of my horses (I have 4 at my house, plus some goats and a pony and a donkey). I work as an HR Manager and am grateful that I have some flexibility at work to care for my animals, but nearly all of my PTO goes to participating in horse shows, attending horse events and even going to Europe to watch horse shows!

  4. This post definitely made me think! I feel like I haven’t kept up with my hobbies over the past few years either. I’m starting to pick up knitting again and I would love to learn to needlepoint. My mother was an avid needlepointer and after she passed away in September, I feel more motivated than ever to learn! We have lots of her projects around the house and one of my favorite things she ever made was my Christmas stocking, which I’ve used every year since I was born! My husband and I are expecting a baby in March and I would love to make one for him, too.

      1. Thank you, Mackenzie.

        I agree, I would love to carry on the tradition. I need to get started, though! I know that Christmas is almost a year away but I want to give myself plenty of time!

  5. Hi Mackenzie,
    I can totally relate that hobbies tend to vanish when “adulting” happens haha! I actually got into golfing while working at a country club during the summer back in the college days and now I am part of a golf league May-September. My mom is actually in it too so it becomes our Thursday night ritual during those months. It’s nothing too serious and we end the night with a glass of wine and dinner. I also live across the street from the ocean in Salem, MA so I tend to make the beach a part of my weekend ritual and in the summer I try to workout and take a nightly dip in the ocean. It’s possible it just seems to take a little more effort when you have more responsibilities on your hand!


  6. During grad school I worked 2-3 jobs and barely had time to sleep let alone cultivate any hobbies. Since beginning to work full time I’ve been having trouble figuring out what to do with my time. I’ve taken to cooking and reading more. I joined a gym to pressure me into working out. I’m exploring restaurants, breweries, and tourists spots around my new city. And I started my blog because I missed having a creative outlet. I schedule myself to make sure I hit everything I need during a day and thankfully I have a fairly flexible work schedule. Working out and creating blog content are currently high on my priority list, but I do try to read a few pages before bed (seriously helps with pre-sleep anxiety) and I meal prep on Sundays so there’s a bit of kitchen time each week.
    I’m currently missing the days of having the beach as my hobby (tough to do in Indiana) but your pics make me think moving home to FL would be worth it 🙂

  7. I love this question! I worked in politics for several years, which leaves approximately zero time for hobbies. When I transitioned to a new job last year, I literally had a crisis talking to my mom — “What is a *weekend*? What am I supposed to DO with all this TIME? I need hobbies!” I started reading books (for the first time in forever), bought a bike, started teaching indoor cycling, picked up my camera again, and (finally!) caught up on sleep.

  8. My best friend gifted me a handmade cross stitch ornament for Christmas, and it reminded me that I loved cross stitching years ago! I just got back into it, and I purchased my pattern off of Etsy. I also love to read, play tennis, and run. You should blog about your needlepointing. I would love to see what you’re working on. 🙂

  9. Any recommendations of where to learn needlepoint? I am dying to learn, but I am kind of lost on where to learn.

    1. I was so lucky to have my grandmother teach me! But I’d recommend finding your local needlepoint shop and asking if they offer lessons. I find the employees are always happy to answer my questions and I’m sure they could help you find someone willing to pass on their knowledge!

  10. Yoga is my hobby, once a week a class and I also try to do some yoga at home. It really helps my mind and body.
    Reading is also one of my hobbies, blogs & books 🙂 and then I volunteer for an antibullying page on Facebook.
    xx Lyn

  11. Since I work & have two little kids I have had to get creative with any hobbies. I got a digital piano for Xmas so have loved being able to play again & am going to start teaching my daughter. I break out the adult coloring books while they color, too. And I read.

    I like the needlepoint idea while watching TV!

  12. At 27 I’ve just picked up gymnastics! A few of our local gymnastics gyms hold adult gymnastics classes three evenings a week for two hours followed by one hour of open gym. I think you should look into any local gyms near you if you are still passionate about it. I’ve learned how to do balance beam scales, mount the uneven bars all the fun stuff and get a workout.

      1. Seriously it’s the best thing ever! I always wanted to gymnastics and now am finally living my dream out. Some of the adults are former gymnasts like you, others are like me and have never done it and are now doing full on floor routines, bar routines etc it’s so cool. You definetly need to look it up and call the around I’m sure there is at least one gym that either has adult classes or even just open gym time.

  13. Great post! I’ve been struggling to find time for a hobby! Or just something that I do in my downtime that doesn’t revolve around running errands/grocery shopping! I’ve always found that the best way to take part in a hobby is to set aside specific time for it – for example by taking an adult ed class. I’ve really enjoyed classes in interior design, Italian, German, and watercolors. Time to take something like that up again!

  14. Needlepoint is my love! I’ve been needlepointing for about 17 years (since my oldest was born) and have stitched stockings and an ornament each year for each of my four kiddos. It’s so old school and produces a beautiful piece of art. It what the world needs, don’t you think?! This summer, I even started working at needlepoint store! As a side, we purchased our first dog this weekend! A cockapoo! We are super excited to pick him up in two weeks 🙂 Love your blog!

  15. I do needlepoint also! I do it when I’m watching tv so that I don’t feel as lazy. I’m trying to get in the habit of going to the beach regularly in the evenings, or at least going for a walk. I live in downtown Charleston so either are beautiful. I love to read also! I’m reading a series of motivational books this year, but I’m also working through the Outlander series. There’s a tv show on Starz, but the books are massive but so good! We also enjoy going out to eat and trying out tourist attractions so that we know what to suggest to friends. Just historic homes and sites mostly. But it’s so much fun!

  16. Hobbies were sidelined while my 3 boys were young – except photography – photographed them a lot! Now I love needlepoint, photography still (@evelinasnell), fly fishing and going to estate sales. Its nice to know that you can always pick up a hobby and that most you can do at any age!