I’ve made some solid progress since my last post on decorating our foyer. I decided on this runner (it’s perfect for the space!) and this floor mirror for the back wall (to reflect all the light coming in from the front of the room) and I’m going to reupholster our acrylic x-bench in navy with white piping (I considered something more colorful, but upholstery is pricey so I went with something versatile that can be moved from room to room and house to house).

It’s slowly coming together, but because I decided to do a mirror on the back wall instead of a piece of art, I’m now thinking about adding a couple pieces of art on either side of the console table to bring in some color. And just when I was feeling like I’d seen every piece of art on the internet, I discovered a new-t0-me source for affordable art prints in all different styles and subject matters. I still haven’t decided what’s going to wind up in our foyer, but I thought these were too good to keep to myself! Here are sixteen of my favorite Artfully Walls pieces. If you have a vote on which one(s) belong in our foyer, leave a comment below!

Salt Spray

White Walls

Nicaragua Swim

Smooth Sailing

Dune Beach

Tulips in Lesterware


Calming of the Rapids



Happy Days

Greens and Evergreens

Aqua Storm

Time to Relax

From a Table in Roma

Wave Tumble

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  1. I love these and the source! Thank you for sharing. We are trying to decide on some artwork for our nursery and this is a great resource!!

  2. I love the first 2. Salt Spray has a wide range of blue hues which could make it versatile. It’s also the one beach picture that reminds me of the real ocean. White Walls is gorgeous as well will just enough color to make it interesting. Good look making a choice! I’m sure they would all look wonderful.