Happy Friday! Did this week seem to go on forever to any of you? After being out of town last weekend, I am so ready for a weekend at home to catch up on sleep and hopefully tackle a couple projects around the house. I hope you all have a good one!

design darling outdoor voices workout outfit

sunglasses  //  top  //  leggings  //  sneakers

This week’s rose was catching up with several of my girlfriends! I had coffee with Chrissy in Greenwich, FaceTimed with Ali in Dallas, and had dinner with my friend Carver in the city. Then on Wednesday I had dinner with several girlfriends in town before catching a screening of I Am Evidence thanks to my friend Molly. The documentary is unbelievably well done and made such an impact on me. If you too are interested in ending the backlog of untested rape kits in the U.S., you can find more ways to get involved here.

This week’s thorn is a pretty silly one in the grand scheme of things, but as I’m writing this I have the most annoying muscle twitch in my arm that will not go away! I don’t know if I’m super dehydrated or just pushed myself too hard in a workout class earlier in the week, but it’s so distracting and is making me super irritable. If you have any tips or tricks for stopping a muscle spasm, I would be so grateful to know them the next time this happens!


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  1. Hey! I’m no expert, but potassium and calcium also have a lot to do with muscle activity – you might try a banana or two or a smoothie with some yogurt. And definitely water! Twitching can also happen when the muscle is over-tired (like when your eye twitches because you are tired) – so your theory about the workout class might night be way far off!

  2. For the muscle twitch I’d recommend TONS of water, a few Advil which never hurt, and although it might sound weird—as much sleep as possible. I’ve always found that getting a lot of rest helps me the most when this happens. I hope it goes away soon!