1. Absolutely love this color.
  2. I got chills reading the first part of Victoria’s origin story.
  3. I know last weekend I said these would be perfect wedding shoes, but now I’m freaking out over these.
  4. Jen always has the best book recommendations.
  5. OMG this trench coat!!! (And this rain coat!)
  6. Rosé vodka now exists.
  7. The 50 best desserts in New York City.
  8. This American has visited every country in the world.
  9. Thoroughly grossed out by this list of the dirtiest surfaces in airports and airplanes.
  10. Very intrigued about infrared saunas after reading about Grace’s experience.


From Design Darling this week:

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  1. Ew, #9 totally grossed me out, too! I’ve started carrying antibacterial hand wipes with me when I travel, and I wipe down EVERYTHING as soon as I sit down on a plane. I don’t care if I get weird looks from people; I’d rather not touch other people’s germs and filth! Truth be told, I’ve never considered that the self check-in kiosks are covered in germs, too, but it totally makes sense given how often they’re used.